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Dec 18, 2022

Dr Chris Okobah, a business man and a political analyst, has described the Delta North People’s Democratic Party (PDP) senatorial candidate, Prince Ned Nwoko, as the best candidate to represent Delta North senatorial district.


In a lengthy WhatsApp message, which Okobah has personally shared in various Anioma groups, the political consultant lauded Ned Nwoko as a quintessential man and most worthy to represent people of Anioma in the Red Chamber.


Okobah noted that Nwoko is a man of honor, self-discipline, total dedication, sober judgment, exemplary patriotism, and a man of intellectual honesty.


The political analyst stressed that, if the people of Anioma desire a genuine leader, characterized with eloquence, good humour, intelligence, frankness, and honor, then Ned Nwoko is the right choice.


Okobah urged all Aniomas to throw their support behind the PDP senatorial candidate, stating that it is a blessing to Anioma people that he stood up to answer the call of leadership, when he was called.


In Okobah’s words, “Why we need a quintessential man like Prince Dr. Ned Nwoko as the senator representing the noble people of Anioma.


“We need somebody who feel our pains, who care about our sufferings , who understands exactly why he is trusted by the good people of Anioma to represent them.


“A Senator must really be much more than hardworking, much more than conscientious, much more than dutiful. A Senator must reach for noble qualities, honour, total dedication, self-discipline, extreme selflessness, exemplary patriotism, sober judgment, and intellectual honesty. All these are qualities I have seen over a period of forty years, and the qualities have not departed from Prince Dr. Ned Nwoko.


“If we are genuinely interested in electing a man with all the good and positive attributes to represent  us, a man who will bring energy, eloquence, wit, good humor, intelligence, frankness, honour, then we don’t need to look further, because we have been presented with the right person at the Domain of Blessing. One on a platter of gold. It is a blessing to Anioma people that he stood up to answer the call when he was called, we now must present him for the service we called him for.


“He has all the worthy qualities, desirably esteemed by a worthy Senator, so let us all come together and send him to go and represent us at the upper chambers.”

By: Juliet Ugah

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