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Nov 9, 2017

It is a popular saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. In this regards, this week on Business hub, we bring you an exclusive interview with the Manager of Adesuwa Tega Peters Enterprise, an enterprise that is in the business of keeping Ika North East and Ika South Local governments clea.

May we meet you?
I am Chief Enuji Peter, the manager of Adesuwa Tega Peter’s Enterprise, an enterprise that is in charge of sanitation and clearing of refuse dumps in Ika land.

Chief Enuji Peter, the manager of Adesuwa Tega Peter’s Enterprises

Tell us about Adesuwa Tega Peter’s Enterprise
We are a registered PSP (Private Sector Participant) in environmental sanitation in Ika North East and Ika South Local Governments, Delta State. We have been given the license to operate in Delta State, specifically in Ika South and Ika North-East Local Government Areas. The Local governments have recognized and partnered with us to collect refuse from houses, industries and other corporate organizations on a weekly basis. Thereafter, the customers would pay us a token in order to help us fund the activities.

What are your aims and objectives?
Our aim is to ensure that these two Local governments, especially the Boji Boji Metropolis is kept clean.
We want people to imbibe the culture of cleanliness, eradicate the culture of dumping refuse in gutters, burning of refuse in bushes and houses, which is hazardous due to the smoke, environmental degradation and other inconveniences that it causes. We believe that people should build this culture of cleanliness, so that we can be proud of our local governments.
We also want to encourage those people that trade in the market to also register with us because at the end of the market day, some of them package their refuse in cellophane bags, Ghana must go bags and cartons and just throw them on the streets as if nobody cares. They should register with us and we can always take care of their refuse and make things easier for them. Our vehicles are up to the required standard. We have three vehicles with which we collect these refuse, so we can cover a large expanse in both Local Governments, even at the same time. So we are appealing to people to patronize us so that we can help them too, as the saying goes, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’.

What is your Scope of service?
In Ika South, a bloc has been assigned to us. We are in charge of clearing refuse from all houses, shops and establishments from Professor Ebie Street moving up towards Emuhu. All the Streets, communities, and premises around that area, even across the express are within our jurisdiction. So it is an opportunity that has been offered to the people who do business in the area and residents to register/partner with us in order to make the Local government clean. For Ika North East, although we don’t have a specific bloc there yet, we have customers around and we are eager to have more customers and patronage.
What are your rates of service?
Our rates are very cheap. We serve each customer four times a month, that is once a week. Our rate or charges depends on the nature of the premises we are serving. But the least amount we charge is five hundred naira (#500 only), which amounts to One Hundred and Twenty Five Naira (N125) per week when broken down further.

What has been the experience of the enterprise?
The venture has been a challenging experience. Even though we have registered over 500 customers, we discovered that customers play pranks with payment. It is a harrowing experience because we have invested a lot of money to ensure that we kick start and sustain this business. For instance: the three trucks which we have, cost us over 9million naira to purchase. Furthermore, we have a standing workforce of about 15 persons whom we pay regularly, whether we receive returns or not ever since we began operations in March, apart from the ancillary workers that help us in the repairing of vehicles, in security and in cleaning.
The odd thing is that people don’t pay; even people who have registered with us just lock their gates as if nothing is happening. As a result, we have not been able to achieve our maximum objective, because the essence of this venture is for everyone to key into the culture of environmental sanitation. When compound A is kept clean and compound B and C are also clean, the Local governments will be clean. But where only one out of five compounds is patronizing us, the other four will keep the Local governments dirty, by throwing their dirt into gutters. Our major challenge is that of finance because there have not been enough returns. However, we are not relenting. We want to make sure that the local government areas are kept clean, and that in due course, people will realize that there is nothing better than being clean and taking part in this venture.

Are there measures in place to checkmate those who dump their refuse in drainages and by the road side?
The departments of environmental sanitation in the two local government areas are responsible for checkmating them, and I urge them to be up and doing because they are the law enforcement agents. As I said earlier: if compound A is clean and obeys the law, while compound B refuses to do same, then there is a problem. Thus the Ika South and Ika North-East Local governments should re-energize their machineries, to ensure that those who default are prosecuted. Again, the government should help the P.S.P, because it is a social service. The government can help in giving subsidies. If we are given quarterly or monthly subventions, it will go a long way in helping us. The critical point I want to state is that we have dump sites which the government has approved for us (P.S.P) to dump the refuse we collect. Be that as it may, most often, the sites are not cleared, thus, giving us lot of problems in gaining entrance to dispose the refuse. During the rainy season, it was a harrowing experience for us. Often times, our vehicles sank, we had to maneuver to get the vehicle out of the muddy sand, thus, adding to the cost of operations. More so, the roads to the sites are terrible. As a result, it is sometimes difficult for us to meet up with our weekly schedule.

In your opinion, between Ika South and Ika North East Local Governments, which is cleanest?
Using this Metropolis as my basis, Ika South is cleaner. For example, in Ika North East, from Morka Street where you have the Catholic Church down to the river where you have Oniks Supermarket, You see a lot of dirt and cartons thrown away by people who after selling in the market, bring the dirt and keep them on the pavement. But we cannot see this kind of scenario in Ika South. Though most persons are not complying, but in my opinion, the awareness to ensure that the environment is sanitized is better practiced in Ika South for now. Although most persons are lagging behind, I am using this illustration to tell you why I think that Ika South is cleaner.

Where is your office located?
Our office is at No.3 Abude Street, Agbor. Our phone number is 08033517143
Do you have any message for those who are yet to register with any PSP?
The journalists in Ika land should help us to educate and sensitize the people on the need for environmental sanitation. The environmental sanitation issue is a tripartite arrangement comprising the P.S.P, the communities and the government. However, for the people to be aware, then there must be regular information and orientation. Fortunately for Ika Land, Ika weekly Newspaper is a goal getter, and they are on top of their game when it comes to bridging information gap in the Local governments, and across all Ika speaking areas of Delta State. So, we call on Ika Weekly Newspaper to help us in enlightening our people on the need to keep our environment clean.

Have measures been taken in order to ensure more registration and compliance of people?
Yes. Like I said, on our own part, a bloc has been allocated to us. So, we move from street to street, urging people to register. However, the ultimate enforcement is on the local governments, with whom we have monthly meetings where we interact with them and urge them to do the needful, so they can make our work, a little bit easier. Registration is continuous. Those who have not registered are encouraged to do so and those who have done so should endeavor to open their gates to us so we can have access to their refuse.

Does Adesuwa Tega Peter’s Enterprise have an office or outlet in Ika North-East?
At the moment we do not have an outlet there, but we are working on it, and very soon, we shall open an area office at Ika North East.

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