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AFTER 2023, WHAT NEXT? … I Wish I Can Have The Ear Of The Governor

Mar 19, 2018
Igweh Okah Immaculate

Delta North’s first tenure in Osadebe House, Asaba is almost over and it’s expected that our brothers from the Central or South will take over power when our own Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa leaves Osadebe House on 29th May, 2023.

Delta North and of course Governor Okowa’s immediate family (Ika Nation) where I belong will face a different music immediately it is 12noon on the 29th of May, 2023. A day that power will change hands, a day we all will start recounting if we wasted our eight years or not, a day majority of Ika young men and women will start making arrangement to relocate to Owa, Ute, Agbor or look for apartment in Abavo.

As from 2023 till only God knows when, Ika language will no longer take prominent stage in the discourse of government issues. I want to see Hillary will no longer be regular. Let’s go and see the Governor will no longer be pretty easy – oh, by then power must have changed hands.

The truth remains that Ika nation now has the capacity to make their post 2023 meaningful and we can still be very relevant in the Delta political arrangement. Yes, we can do it now that we have an intelligent and grassroot politician as Governor. Only Governor Okowa can do it for us.

If I have the ear of the Governor, I will not remind him on the needs to develop Ika Nation because I know he is already aware of that and it appears he is doing all he can in that regard. But I will remind him of the well talked about Umunede Rest Park which to some, it has been forgotten, I have told a lot of persons that the Governor knows the importance of that Park to Ika people more than we do, thus he can’t afford to abandon the project.

If I have the ear of the Governor, I will appeal to him to please SAVE Ika future by fixing men of capacity and foresight in to elective positions in 2019.

I will ask him to look between Hon. Anthony Elekeokwuri and Bar. Eugene Uzum and support the one who can speak for Ika people now and beyond 2023. The one who can be used for negotiation among the comity of nations. I will ask him to support the man who can represent Ika nation outside Abavo, Umunede, Ute, Otolokpo, Agbor and Owa.

I will beg the Governor to downplay the Over sabi attitude of those men in Ika South, who cannot deliver their units for PDP. I will also ask him to look between Chuky Dandy, Hilary Ibudeh and Paul Alika and support the one who is more responsible and politically matured – what Ika South needs now is political maturity.

We can’t afford to have our money wasted on Awards procurement and Ladies lodging anymore.

If I have the ear of the Governor, I will advise him to take the issue of Ika Federal Constituency very serious. Ika unity is the ultimate and I will also remind him that justice is said to have been done when values are shared equitably.

If I have the ear of the Governor, I will ask him to raise some Ika men and women to a prominent stage where they can be able to equate with the majority Urhobos and Itshekiris after 2023.

If I have the ear of the Governor, I will also bring to his notice again, because he is already aware that the youths in Ika South are displaced. They don’t have a placement in the party arrangement. The result of the January 6th was that way because of this. I will appeal to him to please attend to these important issues before 2019 Poll.

It is only a fool that will say “Nor be only Governor dey decide am”. Let me tell you, Governor is the supreme leader…. takes it or leave it.

As 2019 draws near, second and third tenure   should not be considered all the way.

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