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Jun 15, 2024


By Chucks Dominic Morsi

The issue at hand is not particular with Agbor girls alone. It is peculiar to girls of all races – whether black or white. Honestly, I often wonder why women are not fighting enough to protect their gender from the menace of indecent practice. So many ladies these days find themselves having to be like an animal that is hunted or killed by another animal for food.

Indeed, girls have become prey in the hands of men as a result of a highly evolved hookup practice. It is no longer news how women and girls are usually trafficked for the purpose of sexual and economic exploitation, particularly prostitution, pornography to force labor. They are victims and vulnerable to all that, because for monetary gains, they make themselves available for all kinds of dehumanizing acts.

Hookup for instance, has become big business, a networking gang business of a sort. As a matter of fact, hookup trade has seemed to become a part of culture with Agbor girls too. Unfortunately, that is a borrowed culture with a bad influence. I am sure you are already aware that the married ones are not left out of this obnoxious act of hooking up. For most Agbor women whose husbands live abroad, to a very large extent, they have taken hookup as a stock in trade.

In simple terminology, majority of them see hookup as part of hustling. Really, sex work is not hustling but a social evil as old as time. It is a white slavery profession that should not be condoned.  The practice of whoredom under any guise is a rough trade that comes with its payback or repercussion.


Sadly, everywhere you turn these days from Agbor-obi to Alihiame to Boji Boji town to Owa axis, the stories of hookup, streetwalking, one-night-stand are similar to the other given the rate at which night crawlers have – especially the easy prey girls on the street corners and brothels are ever ready and waiting for whom to devour. This shameless menace like wide fire is fast spreading all around Ika land and beyond. For the purpose of being misconstrued, I will try to differentiate or make comparison between Prostitution practice and hookup.

By the way, what is hooking up? Hookup means meeting people for the purpose of having sex for payment.  At the end, both partners do not have any sort of relationship afterwards; except for the casual intercourse. It is a matter of, “money for hand, back for ground” scenario without any intention of making commitment or keeping the relationship. Hookup is a modernized version of prostitution and by relationship and way of practice, they are both the same.

How do I mean? Hookup is one branch of the sex industry, along with stripping and erotic dancing we see in night clubs and hotels are all intended for sexual activities. Put it succinctly, those fleshly lusts are dedicated to prostitution. And by definition, prostitution is the practice of engaging in indiscriminate sexual activity, in general with someone who is not a spouse or a friend, in exchange for money. That also is what hookups are all about – money and sex.

The definition of prostitution may vary but the bottom-line is that, it involves physical contact with customers then intercourse takes place and payment for the sexual activity fully made. Therefore, any practice or occupation involving in sexual activity with someone for payment is prostitution. In most cases, we do have house wives who are coded prostitutes. Isn’t that shocking!

Like it or not, in today’s society, something has absolutely gone wrong gravely with morality standards. Of course, you don’t need anyone to tell you that there’s a huge decay now eating up our young girls (among who are minors) especially with the increase in the practice of commercial sex works courtesy of hotels springing up here and there in Agbor and other places is making matters of promiscuity worse than we ever knew it to be across board. And this is a nightmare!

However, the decadence in the society does not have respect or neither does it recognize in any particular order: creed, tribe, ethnicity, but rather, the whole system is sinking deep and sliding even deeper in mess. The so called 21st century civilization is not helping matters too. The economy which everyone attributes their woes on may be bad, but it takes discipline and being of good behavior to survive the times.

The times are evil and we live in the evil days. Civilization have indeed wrought a major change in the way people behave, think (and) or do things that are absolutely absurd. The social media has of course become a tool through which nudity and sex related matters are made cheap and easily accessible.  Youths and adults alike are prone to that. Parents on the other hand, are too busy to teach their children what is right or wrong.

Again, we live in a society where money is everything. Then we have failed to realize that a girl-child is as morally strong as her weakest link and loopholes. This is why it seems everywhere you look; there is lack of decency. With the aberrant behavior that we see today, just anything and everything goes. What a gullible society!

With the level of sex work everywhere, the fact therefore still remains that there will be no honesty or good character that follows acceptable ways that indeed show respect for family values or for society itself. That has since become one of the basic signs and indecencies of a failing society where a commercial sex worker or hookup girl is no longer feeling ashamed of telling other people that she’s a prostitute. They are bold to persuade innocent ones to come join the trade if they wish. By that evil communication, many young people have corrupted their good manners by joining the gang of hookups.

But how can you be proud to be called a hookup (or runs) girl? Funny enough, I have seen cases where young girls are abetted in the deception of prostitution (more often than not) by mothers. So many mothers encourage their children into doing bad things contrary to the girl’s wish. Times are hard and bills must be paid therefore the girl child must do the needful. Things have really fallen apart and one wonders if the center can still hold sway!

Nevertheless, hookup or prostitution practice has untold psychological effects in the long run. Mothers just imagine your child going through post-traumatic stress disorder which is a medical condition that also comes with anxiety, depression, and stigmatization. Then come to think of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, physical violence, and drug abuse and even now most of the girls are fallen victim of Yahoo boys.

It is pertinent to know that, Yahoo plus is not an internet fraud. It is money ritual. All over the place ranging from Agbor to Asaba, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Benin just to mention a few, our young girls are always the sacrificial lamb on the altar of Rituals. You must beware, or you will be taken unaware because you love money which is the root of all evil and for that money matter, many have seared their conscience with hot iron. Now money syndrome is all that matters and you see it prevailing in our society everywhere.