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Oct 11, 2017

Following the allegation labeled against PDP party leaders in Ika North East Local Government Area by the current serving councillor representing Ute Central Ward 9, Hon. Bright Ogbeijie against Chief Godwin Ogadi, Mr. Hillary Igbegulem, Hon. John Aleh, and Hon. George Kuhordu, all parties have refuted the claims of Hon. Bright Ogbeje, saying that they will not join issues with him.
According to a report sent to Ika Weekly Newspaper by Hon. Ogbeijie via whatsapp, he said the Chairman of the party; Chief Ogadi ordered thugs and his orderlies to beat him up on Monday 2nd October 2017 after a mock primary for councillorship position which took place at Ekpu Primary School Ute-Okpu. In his words, “to my greatest surprise, George Kuhordu came to where I was relaxing in my house, saying that Sam Obi gave me the backing, hence I must be dealt with. He approached me, and punched my mouth, so I tried to attack with the little consciousness and strength I had, that was how I found myself in the hospital, after I regained and consciousness and strength, people said some Good Samaritans retaliated for me, but in all, I am alive today, glory to God Almighty.”
Responding to the allegation, via phone call, Hon. Kuhordu said he would not join issues with Hon. Ogbejie as the police have taken up the matter. Chief Ogadi and Hon. Aleh in their separate remarks said the people of Ute who witnessed the incident should be asked, because they were not at the scene of the incident, saying that they left the scene immediately after the successful mock primaries conducted at Ekpu Primary School.
Giving eye witness reports, some members of the community, confirming what Chief Ogadi and Hon. Aleh had earlier said, said Hon. Aleh was not at the scene during the exchange between Hon. Kuhordu and Hon. Ogbejie, as he had left the scene along with some members of the party that conducted the mock primaries close to the scene of the incident. Community members also alleged that the incident started when Hon. Ogbejie attacked Hon. Kuhordu on seeing him around the venue of the primaries, reigning abuses on him, before pushing him down.
They alleged that on getting up from the floor, George Kuhordu defended himself against the onslaught of Hon. Bright with a punch, retaliating, Hon. Agbojie aimed a short gun at him, but missed, with the shot hitting the side mirror of George Kuhordu’s Camry car parked by the road side. Going further, they said the other glasses of the car were destroyed by relatives of Hon. Ogbejie with heavy sticks after which they all absconded.
All efforts to reach Ogbojie to confirm the allegation or refute it proved abortive as his number was not reachable.