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Jan 29, 2023

Akumazi Umuocha in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State is currently on the news following the case of alleged witchcraft of a young lady alleged to be a witch, crash landed on a roof top of a building in Obi Quarters, Akumazi Umuocha.

The ugly incident which took place on Friday January 20, 2023 attracted many from Akumazi, Owerre Olubor, Umunede and other nearby communities as those who witnessed the incident were seen calling their friends on phone to come and see.

The young lady identified as Ogwugwa is believed to be returning from the coven when she crash-landed on the roof top.

The alleged witch who is said to have left Akumazi five years ago because of some issues in the family was eventually found on a roof top of the building.

However, some of the residents who recognized Ogwugwa, especially those in Odopo in Obi Quarters where she hails from, claimed that Ogwugwa has mental disorder and as such, she could do anything unpleasant.


But many still had doubt with unanswered questions like how can a mentally derailed person appear on a roof top of a building at 2 a.m.? What was she doing at the roof top of the building? There was nothing obviously that she could have used to climb on a roof top of the building as there was no ladder in sight.

Speaking with Ika Weekly Newspaper reporter at the scene, the occupant of the building (Name with heard) said he and his wife were sleeping on that fateful day when they heard a thunderous noise on their roof.

In his words, “I was sleeping when I heard a loud noise like an earthquake on the roof, I stood up and started praying, and while praying, I gathered courage and opened my door with a torch light and flashed it to know if I can see anything but I did not.

“Suddenly I heard someone’s voice on the roof top, and then I flashed the light towards the direction of the voice.

“Shockingly, I saw someone on the roof top; and I quickly raised alarm and my neighbours and residents living in the area responded,” he narrated

The man affirmed that witnesses at the scene where terribly shocked at what they saw.

All efforts to get the alleged witch to narrate her own side of the incident yielded no results as her words were incomprehensible.

At the time of filing this report, the alleged witch has been taken to the palace for more interrogation.