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A son of Ika nation and Managing Director, Monaco Guards Nigeria Ltd, Lucky Monye has joined the State House of Assembly race in Ika South Constituency, saying that he is in the race not to make money for himself but to better the lives of his people. In this exclusive interview he granted our reporter during the week at Agbor, Mr. Monye talked about his background, business and plans for Ika South people if elected into office as a lawmaker in 2019

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Please introduce yourself

I am Ehiwuogun Lucky Monye   I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Sunny Monye of Aliagwa, Agbor, in Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State. I am a business man based in Abuja. I am also a security consultant.

Who is Lucky Monye?

Lucky Monye is fortunate to be born into the famous Monye family of Aliagwa, Agbor. I am a father of four children; one of them is an American citizen. I am married to my lovely wife, Mrs. Monye Gift from Abia State. I am very passionate in all. I love God; I am a Catholic, humble and a lover of progress.I hate oppression and intimidation. I am open minded and relate with everybody irrespective of class and background.

Which schools did you attend?

I am an Agbor man to the core. I grew up in Agbor where I did my primary education at Igumbor Otiku Primary School in the early 1980s and Secondary Education at Ika Grammar School from 1985-1991.Thereafter, I proceeded to the Institute of Management of Technology(IMT), Enugu where I bagged a Higher National Diploma in Banking and Finance. I did my NYSC in Lagos in I999 after which I proceeded to Imo State University where I bagged a PGD and Master’s degrees in Management. At the end of my programmes at Imo State University I moved down to Lagos where I joined the services of a private haulage company called Albonaz. I was the logistics officer of the company in charge of the movement of both raw and finished products for Nigeria Brewery Plc across the country. I worked for Albonaz for six years and voluntarily left the company to join my family business, Monaco Guards in 2008 as executive director. I later rose to the position of the managing director. We have our head office in Kano with branches in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Jos, Kaduna, Asaba and other cities in Nigeria. Apart from security we are also into hospitality business, estate management and construction.

How would describe your parents?

My parents are wonderful people. I am proud of my Mom and Dad. My mom, Mrs. Onwuka Esther is from Oki. She believes so much in hardwork, she is loving and caring. My Dad is a very hardworking, amiable and kind person. Agbor people can testify of his good works. My dad’s family is a large one in Aliagwa. I had a good parenting that has made me who I am today.

Mr. Lucky Monye, how was your growing up in Agbor?

My growing up was fun. My contemporaries were  Akokotu Chukwuma, Alaba Rasaki, Osewelue Mokunye, Ifechukwude  Osemegha, Albert Ojeh, amongst others. We were stubborn but responsible. We fought for justice and not our parents. We trekked round town having fun. We meant no harm for anyone as we went about our activities responsibly.

What was your dream job or business while growing up?

When I was growing up I had two jobs in mind, one to become a military officer and second, to improve myself academically and end up as a university lecturer and maybe along the line engage myself in a business that will help me impact more on the life of the common man. I love the army and I wanted to be amongst soldiers who protect the sovereignty of Nigeria. However, what I am doing today is not different from what the military is doing. I am into security and my company, Monaco Guards over the years has succeeded in taking many Nigerian youths off the street. Presently, I have more than four thousand youths working in my company. You imagine the input we are making in the country. I am very passionate about the growth of our youths; we don’t consider where you are from before we employ you. Once you meet our requirements, we give you job. I have special interest in Ika youths. Many Ika youths are staff of my company. Most of them are in the administrative section. Recently, I ran into an Umunede man who lost his job and has a family to cater for. At that time we had no vacancy in the company but because of my love for our people I created a space for him.

What is your take on the security situation in Nigeria?

The security situation in Nigeria at the moment is nothing to write home about. The issue of security should be a collective one. If the security of any country is not guaranteed, investors will not come. And when there are no investors, it will be very difficult to create employment for our teeming unemployed youths. Government must have it right before we will be able to checkmate crime and insurgency in our country. We must engage the right people, use the right equipment and reward hardwork.

Are you a politician?

Yes. Every human being is a politician, I am not exempted. I am a member of All Progressives Congress, APC.

Are you seeking for any elective office in 2019?

Yes, I want to represent our good people of Ika South at the Delta State House of Assembly. I want our people to be relevant in the scheme of things. Most of our representatives in government in the past have not done enough for our people. Most of our elected office holders have only succeeded in enriching themselves, their families and friends, which is very bad. I am optimistic that I am going to win. If I am given the mandate to represent the people of Ika South in government, I will focus more on human capital development. I will use my office and contacts to attract employment and infrastructures to my constituency. I have consulted widely; I have the support of our people. Before now, I have through my company impacted positively on the lives of our people at the grassroots, I am in touch with them because I am always at home. I am not seeking for government office to amass wealth but to contribute more to the growth and development of our people. I am in the state house of assembly race to help alleviate poverty amongst our people, to better their lives and also ensure they benefit fully from the government.

Ika South and Delta State as a whole is dominated by Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Are you confident of winning an elective office while in the opposition?

With due respect to the incumbent House of Assembly member from Ika South, I am not afraid of the PDP neither will I allow myself to be intimidated by their activities. I worked for my people; I strongly believe that they will give me their mandate come 2019. Our people are more enlightened now, they will not vote those who have kept them in abject poverty come 2019.I don’t want to mention names, and we have many Ika politicians who have been in politics for donkey years but have nothing to show for it. It is for this reason that I threw my hat into the ring to go out for a course that will transform the lives of our people positively. I have been in touch with the grassroots since I was a child; I know their pains and how to make them happy. I have done my best to alleviate their poverty; I need a bigger opportunity to do more for them. By the grace of God, I am a comfortable man and if I continue to work hard my family will not suffer, so, I want to be a lawmaker to legislate towards the advancement of our people. Like I said earlier, I am a core Agbor man and if there is anything like reincarnation I will still like to be an Agbor man. I love my people, I will not do anything that will hurt them. Rather than hurt my people, I will contribute my hard earned income to contribute to their well-being.

What informed your decision to run Onu Kokome Ika radio programme?

The decision to embark on the Onu Kokome Ika radio programme was informed by the desire not to allow our Ika language go into extinction. I was challenged one faithful day when I visited an uncle and was chatting with one of the little child in our local language, the mother came out and said I should stop communicating with the child in Ika language, that I should use English language. I was surprised by her comment and when I returned to Abuja after that encounter, I called some of my brothers there and related my experience to them. This was how Onu Kokome. Ika radio programme on Bronze FM Benin and Ray power Abuja started. Last year, we organized Ika language academy where many Ika children in Abuja and environs benefited. We were also part of the Ika language dictionary project. All these are efforts to help save our Ika Language from extinction. I am therefore using this medium to appeal to our people to make Ika language an official language both at home and outside.

Why the passion for your people?

There is an adage in my place (Ohunmu Egbuyeni Okwa),simply put, you are the one that will protect your interest not another person. I love my people and I will continue to contribute to their well-being.

Are you a member of any Ika or Agbor association?

Yes. I am the assistant secretary, Agbor Community Union, Abuja Branch headed by Sir Fidelis Monye, member, Aliagwa Community Union, Abuja and member, Agbor Nigidi, Abuja.

Do you have awards?

I have awards from Catholic Men Organization, Catholic Women Organization, Catholic Youths Council of Nigeria and Licensed Security Practitioners in Nigeria.

How do you relax?

I relax by hanging out with friends, swimming, going to the gym. I like reading, watching movies both local and foreign.

What drives you?

I am driven by my faith in God and confidence in myself. I believe in providence because to me there is nothing God cannot do. Once I embark on any project I don’t look back until it is accomplished.

Do you have role models?

My role models are Martin Luther King Jr of America, Lee Kwan Yeu of Singapore, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Mahatma Ghandi of India and Jerry Rawlings of Ghana. These were men that liberated and made their countries what they are today. I want to help build my own country just as these men did. I want to be remembered as a hero and a good statesman by posterity.

Do you have any regret in life?

There is no man that has no regret in life. Along the line people make mistakes but such mistakes are always corrected and life goes on. No one is perfect, each day we live and survive under the guidance and protection of the almighty God. For instance, since 2010 I have been procrastinating to be a lawyer. To me that is regret. If I had pursued the dream since 2010 today I would have been a lawyer because I love the law profession.

Would you love any of your children to be a lawyer?

Laughter, I want to have a medical doctor, a lawyer, pharmacist and an architect amongst my children. My eldest son is very brilliant. I want him to be a medical doctor.

Do you have best and worst moments?

My best moments are moments I see people happy. I love seeing people happy. My worst moments are moments I see people suffer oppression, poverty or intimidation.

Which Ika food do you enjoy most?

Ujuju, egbogun and onunu abu soup. You cannot find them anywhere outside Ika land. I enjoy these soups with (igi okpenyen) yellow yam.

What is your message, Mr. Lucky Monye to Ika people as regards your political aspiration?

Our Ika people, particularly from Ika South who are above 18years who have not gotten their Permanent Voter’s Cards should endeavour to do so. The PVC is the tool for our people to elect credible persons who will render selfless and quality service to them in government. Above all, I wish our people well and appeal to them to give me their mandate to represent them in the state house of assembly come 2019.

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