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…and Our Streets are Swept by Danphidel Akpenyi

Deltans woke up to a new scenario, beholding people specially clothed sweeping their major streets and roads. This is the first of its kind in the annals of the administrative history of Delta State.

There are different types of developmental efforts by different administrations since the inception of democratic engineering of Delta State. It is in the administration of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa that Deltans are introduced to road sweeping. This is a new dimension of administration. When an administration delves into road sweeping, it tells volume of the intents and purpose of such administration. It shows that if such administration has financial muscles and capacity, it will bring heavens onto earth for its citizens. Street and road sweeping is, if anything, a signal and pointer to better things in the offing. It shows that in no distant time, public toilets would be located in densely populated areas such as market and commercial concentrated places.

An administration that is preoccupied with the cleanliness of the state via street sweeping would equally harbor the thoughts of the state of health of its citizens. Could this have informed the new health insurance scheme for state workers, free medical services for children and aging citizens? Me think so.

Can we, for a few seconds embark on imaginary voyage? Imagine that Delta State is as it was financially ten years ago. Do not inhibit your imagination, let it run. Imagine that the financial state of the state is as it was during the oil boom. The state would have gone beyond scholarship and bursary policies to free education for her citizens from education at cradle level to the university. It would have put an end to all forms of homelessness, embarking on all aggressive housing scheme for all beyond the present one that is targeted at the public servants only.

A “sweeping” administration would have filled up all existing vacancies in all government establishments, pay all arrears owe pensioners, promote those due for promotion.

When a man with very limited resources sufficiently caters for his family, it shows that such a man will definitely pamper the family when his income improves. The administration of Delta State is piloted by Senator Ifeanyi Okowa who, at different stages of his political career has shown a steady character disposed towards humanitarianism.

The governor on the assumption of duty in 2015, realized that there was no money in the coffers of government. The state he discovered was not only painfully broke but also shamefully indebted. Meanwhile, his electoral plank was on bringing prosperity to every doorstep of Deltans. The governor is known for promise keeping. It seems to be in his character not to renege on his words once given. Promise keeping became so attributable to him that he was given a chieftaincy title, “Ekwueme” meaning Promise Keeper.

As a governor and the pilot of the ship of Delta, what explanation can a man with a legendary disposition of promise keeping give his people? He has promised prosperity for all Deltans. Is it that he never envisaged the financial adversity that the state was already immersed? He took the bull by the horn and squeezed waters out of the rock to quench the thirst of the dehydrated Deltans. In this three and half years of his tenancy, he demonstrated great administrative acumen and frugality in managing the limited resources available for the state. This situation of cashlessness in the face of a big dream of providing prosperity for all can be likened to a compassionate and loving father with plenty children and small food.

That this administration sweeps the roads and streets of the state shows that it is caring and would have done much more than it has already done, if the financial situation of the state had been a little better than this, hence, deserves thunderous commendations. Me think.


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