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Dec 10, 2017

According to Charles Town, “The human race advances only by the extra achievements of the individual. You are the individual”. Every human is blessed with a talent or more but what makes people unique is how effectively those talents are applied. Indeed we commend and appreciate the creative abilities and ideas of a son of Ika nation, Mr. Sebastine Okoh, the Executive Assistant to the Delta State Government on Entertainment and Events Management, who introduced the Ika carnival platform, an avenue for a united Ika nation, where Ika Cultural heritage is being showcased through singing, dancing and display of cultural extravaganza.
The event to many has become an annual event for all sons and daughters, friends and well wishers of Ika nation to fraternize and enjoy themselves no matter the deplorable state of the economy.
It is worthy of note to mention, that the generality of the citizens sincerely appreciate the idea behind the annual hosting of the eventin the last two years but Ika residents have been skeptical about the organizers of the event coming out with the usual fanfair that is associated with the carnival this year 2017, as there are no arrangement on ground at the usual venue, showcasing that Ika Carnival will hold.
Based on the above observations, Ika Weekly Newspaper reporters on Wednesday December 6, 2017, went round Boji-Boji Metropolis to get the views of Ika residents on how they felt about the annual Ika Carnival. Here are views of some of the respondents and their contribution.
James Ekorma, a phone repairer, “I don’t know what is really going on, but I heard that there is not going to be any Carnival. I will not be happy if it is not going to hold this year. The benefits and joy which we usually derive from the celebration of the event is much; it makes the town to be lively with several visitors coming around to enjoy themselves and it makes business to thrive very well, our children also feel the impact of Christmas and New Year celebrations during the period of the Carnival. It is really a time for Ika residents to enjoy the funfair that is associated with the yuletide season.
Please I want the organizers of the event to resolve any issue putting a hold to the carnival this year and make us enjoy the carnival next year”.
Evangelist Kenneth Iweoha, a trader on phones and accessories “Well, since I came here, I have not witnessed the carnival, but I have heard several discussions about the benefits of the carnival to the residents of the metropolis and I have been eagerly looking forward to it, I will feel disappointed if they don’t organize it this year because I want it and would really want to witness it.”
Emmanuel Igbodo, an Okada rider, “Concerning the carnival, I heard them saying that there is not going to be anything like carnival here this year, and I am not happy about it because by this time last year everywhere was busy as to show that we were celebrating something, but this year there is nothing going on. Again I was not happy when I heard that the event has been shifted from the usual venue to Owa-Oyibu, the headquarters of Ika North East LGA, well for now there is nothing like carnival, I don’t know what is really happening, maybe there is something wrong somewhere; so the organizers and government agencies in charge of the celebration should come out clearly and explain the issues of what is happening so that we would know the true position of things. Personally, I want the Carnival because we know that the state governor is an Ika man, hence for now we suppose to have something that will make us celebrate the Christmas; even business will thrive, with people coming to Agbor for the celebration from all walks of life to get fun”.
Joseph Duru, a businessman, “Actually, I like the carnival, by this time last year everywhere had started bubbling, they had started the decorations for the carnival. Last week I was wondering, what is going on, are they not going to have the carnival this year? I have not seen anything going on and I am not happy because since they commenced the carnival we make enough sales and visitors come around in their large numbers to get fun. Indeed I don’t know if there is going to be carnival here this year at the college junction Agbor, because there is absolutely nothing on ground now for such event taking place.
However, I will want the organizers not to shift the venue of the event to anywhere, but to make it happen at where they used to organize it in the past, so that business will thrive and everybody will be happy, there is nothing as lively as the carnival because it makes us know and enjoy the celebration of Christmas”.
Philip Johnson, a Civil Servant, “By this time last year at the College junction Agbor, everywhere was full of activities with visitors trooping into the carnival arena securing places where they will display their goods and products for the fun seekers that will attend the carnival.
But we came to understand that the venue of this year’s carnival has been moved from the Agbor College Junction to Owa-Oyibu, which from my view has been a political issue I am one of the regular participant to the carnival, but I cannot drive through that road with my family at such time, as armed robbers and kidnappers are all over the place, so taking it to Owa-Oyibu is a political setback, and the present government of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, should rise up and correct this anomalies; I am sorry to say that such actions will take us to nowhere, it is a setback”.
Stanley Bienose E. a Civil Servant, “the annual Ika Carnival is a good venture, I am surprise that it has not started this year, it seems as if no arrangement was made. As an outsider I believe that some people truncated the good venture, it is an entertainment leisure; I advocate that the celebration of the Carnival should be restored, if it is not done this year, next year it should be re-introduced because of the numerous benefits inherent with such recreational activities, knowing fully well, that ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ ”.
Julius Otobo, a businessman, “In fact we are not even happy at all because by this time last year everywhere was busy, we bought things very cheap during the carnival, we usually go there and rest in company of our children and friends. But with what we are hearing this time that they have changed the venue of the carnival to another location is not a good development, even some people are saying that the event is not going to hold this year and we are not happy about it. Please we need the Ika Carnival, let the Organizers look into it resolve any issue which they might be having and bring back the carnival to us, that is the only thing we benefit from the state government at the end of the year which we use as a funfair to enjoy ourselves, you will agree with me that during the period of the carnival there are no cases of armed robbery and other such negative vices”.
Peter Eraseh, a trader, “The carnival is a very interesting event where notable musicians and entertainers in the Nollywood industry comes around to make Ika people enjoy the celebration of Christmas and to usher in the New Year with great fun and excitement. However, unlike the previous years that we have witnessed the event, this year we don’t know what is happening because there is nothing on ground to show that the carnival will hold this year, well, we are still hoping that the organizers might come up with arrangements of hosting the event this year. We really need the Carnival because it usually comes with great fun and relaxation with your loved ones, indeed the experience is worthwhile for both the young and the elderly”.
Alfred Okogi, a professional driver, “For this year’s annual carnival, it looks so slow to start because I cherish it dearly and really expects it to have commenced by now but I don’t know what is causing the delay. Why I so much appreciate the event is that it makes the whole environment to be lively, it also helps in reducing the rates of crime and criminality. Personally, I do go to the carnival in company of my children and friends for relaxation. I hope the governments have not cancelled the celebration of the annual Ika Carnival? Please we need it and appreciate it dearly”.

  1. Please we need ika carnival it our source of happiness it supposed to start tomorrow but nothing is going on now what a wicked government that doesn’t want the happiness of the people

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