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Sep 15, 2018

Abundance means a large amount of something or the situation in which there is more than enough of something. Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. Abundance means more than having quantities of things; it means having things that make you feel fulfilled. Money on the other hand is any item or veritable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. However, there is a connection between money and abundance but they are not the same.

The truth is that within you lies the answer and talent you need to create unlimited abundance for yourself, to have what you need both physically and spiritually in every area of your life. You are a magnificent and powerful person created by the All Powerful God. You can learn to work with your energy aligned to God’s principle and will, to tap into the unlimited abundance of the universe. The Bible says that God is the one that gives us power to make wealth.

Making money can be effortless; it is the natural outcome of the way you live, think, and act, without even much thought. Ignorantly, many shun the path of their creativity, joy, and passion, thinking that they will not be able to make enough money from it. You have to believe that you can have an abundance of money in doing what you love to do, and that you can attract anything you want to yourself and even realize your fondest dreams.

You must learn to live above the material realm and start living on the spiritual realm which is a personal walk with your Creator. And money is energy and it makes sense in life that is why the Bible says, “Money answereth all things.” Advisedly, you should learn to master money than being mastered by it. Actually, money is a good servant but a bad master.

There is need to learn to allow situations and objects to leave your life gently when you no longer need them by giving them to those who actually need them. By so doing, you are creating room for the next things that you need, and they will serve you. There will be natural flow of money, people and things into and out of your life and each will serve a divine purpose and appear at exactly the right time.

You have to learn to create abundance in all areas of your life; that is spiritual, social and otherwise, as money alone will not always bring you what you want. You need to have a new dimension to your thinking about money, so that you can tap into the unlimited abundance that surrounds you, made available by God, even in the present economic challenges. Surprisingly, these difficult times will provide you with many opportunities to discover and fulfill your life’s purpose, supporting all your efforts to put your work out to the world. Even a small step toward your purpose will bring rich rewards and results. You also have to learn to consciously choose what you want to create. By so doing, situations and objects will be coming into your life simultaneously with your need for them.

You can create what you want by using energy and thought rather than physical effort only, and produce results that will even go beyond the physical. Thus, it is popularly said that it is idea and not money that rules the world. You can attract what you want into your life by exhibiting a relaxed and focused state of mind.

However, finding and creating your life’s work will bring you more abundance than any other single action you take. Your life’s work will involve doing what you love to do, which will in some way make contribution to the betterment of mankind. Someone once said, “Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life. Do what you feel you have flair for and if you are good enough at it, then money will come.” In other words, do what you love; (passion), money and abundance will follow. So also, if your passion meets the need of mankind and it is a solution to mankind’s problem, then you will definitely be successful.

If you have to be successful in life, you have to toe the path of personal growth, as learning is for a whole lifetime. You should be confident, listen to your inner self and discover your special work you came to do here on earth. Begin to put that work out to the world, for it is much needed. It is advisable that you always endeavour to serve and empower others because in the process, you will discover and accomplish your life’s work. It is what you love rather than what you think that will bring you money. Consequently, you will surely become highly magnetic to money.

Therefore, it is time for you to stimulate the gift of creativity given to you by the Almighty Creator. You must express the glory and beauty of God in everything you create and do. Be mindful of the decisions you make, such as the place you live, the items you buy, your relationships, and your lifestyle; they all reflect your beliefs and values. The way you earn and spend money will usually express your qualities of love, well-being, happiness, peace, aliveness, and awareness of who you are deep within.

Most importantly, you do not need to be affected by the economy or man-made conditions, as you can create your own personal economic environment of prosperity by being willing to take the right decision in line with the right perspective about money and abundance, and most especially faith in yourself and God. In other words, you can experience all round abundance even in the prevailing economic downturns. You must therefore aspire, be open and ready to attract abundance into all areas of your life; for God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think.