• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024


Jul 7, 2024


By Nicholas Ebegboni

Deacon Azuka Ayogbe the Chairman Ogbe-nmudein Community Youths Association, Boji-Boji chapter, has lambasted political office holders in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, while reminding them that nothing last forever.

In a chat with newsmen over the weekend, Deacon Ayogbe noted that political office holders in Ika South are a bunch of selfish individuals who cared less of the masses plight, saying rather that they are more interested in what they get instead of what they can give out in terms of service to those who elected or made them to be there.

Ayogbe noted that the most painful aspect is that those who used their position to intimate the people. He averred that it’s rather ironic that the person who one is supposed to run to for help if when is intimidated, is the same person who is intimidating the person. According to him, such a situation could be described as frustrating and if there is a word worse than that, that, could best describe the condition the people of Ika South have found themselves, as the so-called political class enjoys oppressing the less privileged.


Continuing, he recalled that during the last election, one particular office holder in Ika South was running from pillar to post, on his knees appealing to the various communities to forgive whatever wrong he had done, and that he will turn a new leaf, and the people hearkened to his pleas thinking he would change, but said unfortunately, immediately he was sworn-in, he started using the police to intimidate people.

Not only that, he said, this same political office holder could disregard any community’s stand on issues, and tell them to their face to go to hell.

Speaking further, he revealed that this same political office holder recently during party primaries defied the decision of a whole community which the councillorship position was zoned to in that ward, and presented a candidate of his choice, when himself is not even from the community in question, and even the candidate he presented does not even hail from the ward but from a different community.

He wondered if such a person, is truly representing the people or himself or herself.

The community youth’s chairman made a clarion call to all Ogbe-nmudein sons and daughters not to play party politics, but should let the interest of the community be their watchword, as he reminded them that even before the existence of any of the political parties, the community has been existing for centuries, saying that, political parties will come and go, but said the community will continue to exist, hence, the community’s interest should be their priority.

He said due to the loyalty of Ogbe-nmudein indigenes to political parties, the community has been sidelined and schemed out of things. In his words, you can imagine a community that owns without sharing with any community two wards, has a larger percentage of another two wards, has its presence in one ward, a total of 5 wards out of the 12 federal wards in Ika South, does not even have one of its indigenes as a councillorship candidate in the ruling party.

According to him, that is a big insult on the community. He therefore urge Ogbe-nmudein indigenes to be wise in whatever decisions they make come the 13th of July.

Ayogbe noted that it is unfortunate that members of Ogbe-nmudein community are yet to realize that the ruling political party is bouncing on the community’s nose and getting balanced. He added that all political parties in Nigeria are the same, with no difference in ideologies or performance, hence it is important the indigenes take the interest of their community as priority.