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Dec 26, 2022

The household of the founder, Wind of Change Deliverance Ministry with headquarters at the end of Queen Street off the New Benin/Asaba Expressway, Agbor, Ika South Local Government, Apostle Dr. Chuks Elisha Okenye, aka Baba Fire has embarked on what he calls food street evangelism.

A-woman-receiving-a-bag-of-rice-and-money-from-Baba-Fire YULETIDE: BABA FIRE EMBARKS ON FOOD STREET EVANGELISM

According to Apostle Okenye, “We are in the yuletide, a season of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time that we show love to one another through caring, through the presentation of gifts especially food to less privileged people to enjoy the season.

“In fulfilling the Christmas show of love and with the awesome support of my members and partners of our church, my wife and I through our RUEL (Ruth and Elisha) Foundation will hit the streets of Agbor to embark on what we tag food street evangelism, a programme that will offer us the opportunity to evangelize to the needy with food items and money because it is what God wants from every Christian in this season of the celebration of his birth.

“The word RUEL means the friend and the breath of God. Therefore, as a friend of God and his breath, we must show it in attitude and practice. Through RUEL Foundation, we have made available customized bags of rice, cooking ingredients, and money to give to any needy we go to his or her residence.


“The almsgiving which is a usual practice in Wind of Change of Deliverance is something we have chosen to take to the less privileged people outside the church to put smile on their faces at Christmas.

“The food items and money packages are not because we are too rich but to fulfill God’s message at Christmas. This is not just a season to evangelize about the birth of Jesus Christ and the need for all to return to God, but doing so can be more effective if only we show love through the presentation of food items and money to enable them buy some of their needs.

“Your evangelism can never go deeply to the ears of a hungry person, especially in this period that many are struggling to get what to eat at Christmas.

“The message of Jesus Christ in this Christmas can only remain good news to are the ears of the person who are fed. It is on this note, that I am appealing to churches and Christians who have enough and are yet to give out to others to start sharing it now for everyone around us to wear smiling faces and to make the celebration a memorable one”.

Continuing, Apostle Okenye said he chose the ministry of giving not to populate his church but to fulfill God’s instruction to affect those who need answers to their prayers.

“Recently in one of my weekly services, God instructs me to take alongside with me while going to church, a reasonable amount of money not knowing that it will affect a man who God revealed to me to ask him his problem and to attend to it. The man in question had complained to have been down as a result of the accident he had over eight months ago and that his landlord has threatened to quit him and his household for failure to pay rent.

“In our usual tradition, I gave him the money for a year’s rent and members following my way supported handsomely. The man in question got more than one could feel the expression of joy in him.

“Generosity is our second name in the Wind of Change Deliverance Ministry. I have continued to urge those we have assisted not to stop going to their churches but can attend our programs for prayers”.

The cleric further appealed to well-to-do people, especially political office holders to desist from sharing bags of rice and cows to those who already have but to engage in more almsgiving to the less privileged people to reduce hunger in the land.

While wishing Ika people and all Nigerians a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year (2023), Apostle Okenye urged them not to lose hope in a new Nigeria which according to him will come in a few months after the general election, appealing to eligible voters to cast their votes wisely and not to vote for money.

By Patrick Gbuchanye

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