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Nov 17, 2019

Ika nation woke up late last week to the shocking news of the presence of a baby factory in Agbor. The story was reported by various national newspapers and went viral on the social media.

According to the SaturdaySun Newspaper edition of November 9, 2019, it was the operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) that was said to have smashed the baby factory business and an illegal orphanage as well as an illegally-operated mortuary. The name of the said hospital where these atrocities were being committed was given as Ndu Hospital located at 217 Old Lagos/Asaba Road, in Agbor, Delta State.


In the publication, the Police in the course of their investigations arrested one Pa. Samuel Adagbor, the leader of the syndicate. He was found to be operating an illegal clinic and an illegal orphanage, where he was said to be removing six-month old fetuses, which are nurtured in incubator and subsequently sold to interested persons. Pa. Adagbor was also said to be operating an unlicensed morgue, stocked with corpses.

Among those according to the publication, reportedly arrested along with the eighty-year old Octogenarian who are in connection with the crime are Sunday Chinedu(m); Friday Emem(m), Francis Ogini(m), Madam Isioma Okoye (f), Joy Monday(f), Faith Desmond (f), Vera Emenike (f).

In an interview with Ika Weekly Newspaper Reporter, the Medical Director and owner of Ndu Hospital, Agbor, Dr. Ndu Okonye vehemently refuted the claim, maintaining that his hospital has nothing to do with the crime.


Speaking, Dr. Ndu said, “I wish to state that all the persons arrested and being quizzed in respect of the baby factory are unknown to me and do not work for Ndu Hospital.

“I do not know for what reasons our hospital signboard and name was included in the publications. I cannot harvest a six-month old fetus for incubation as said to be practiced in the alleged hospital according to the publication. I also know that it is not obtainable for a lady to subject herself to this gruesome condition for money.

“Besides, the issue of incubator or life support is definitely not practicable because of the epileptic power situation in Agbor. Ndu Hospital does not render mortuary services as it does not own a mortuary. However, I am pleased that the Police have done a very successful investigation.

“I have never seen or heard of such heinous crime since my forty five years of medical practice.”

On a visit to the hospital by Ika Weekly Newspaper Reporter, it was business as usual, as the personnel of the hospital were seen going about their normal duties.

However, Dr. Ndu, who is currently recuperating from bone fracture he sustained from a road accident he had about five months ago as he now walks with the aid of clutches, has indicated that as soon as his health condition improves, he will confront the author of such a libelous publication; implying that the last is yet to be heard of this heinous crime.

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