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With the 2019 gubernatorial elections drawing nearer, the political parties are warming up for a big tussle. Politicians are purchasing nomination forms and hitherto party faithful are decamping from one political party to the other. Also, party faithful are being empowered by the political leaders, and politics is getting more and more tensed.

In Delta State, PDP seems to have had and still has a strong foothold, as almost all the machinery of government are under the control of politicians, who are members of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, some perceptive and well-meaning Deltans are troubled by some seemingly unimportant issues, which if left untreated, might end up accumulating to have catastrophic consequences for the PDP in the 2019 elections.

One of such well-meaning individuals is Chief Efedi Daniel, the Umogwu of Ute-Okpu, a retired Principal of Merit Grade, from Idumuesah Secondary School. He was a former Chairman of APC in Ward 9, Ute-Okpu. Nonetheless, he has been working with the Peoples Democratic Party, ever since he decamped to the PDP, a long time ago.

During his visit to the Ika Weekly Newspaper Office on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, he shared his opinions on the way forward for PDP to emerge victorious in the forthcoming 2019 elections. He talked about the issues of political harlotry, the empowerment of undeserving individuals and the need for the Delta State Government to get closer to the traditional chiefs.

In his words, “I have been watching the PDP’s modus operandi in Delta State, and I can boldly say that they have been working very well. I love Governor Okowa’s workaholic stance in the State, and I for one, think that he has what it takes to win the forthcoming elections.

“Nevertheless, it would be unfair to the PDP if I fail to advise them regarding their flaws. Indeed, PDP leaders need to be very careful in the way they empower party members, because a lot of them are political harlots; a fact the PDP leaders themselves might be unaware of.

“Some of the persons who are empowered, do not use their given resources judiciously. Rather, they go ahead and squander it on frivolous activities, thereby making the PDP seem like a party that is not very responsible. I am of the opinion that Gold should be given to those who know the value, and not to hooligans who go round town constituting nuisance with the resources used to empower them.

“Furthermore, it has come to my attention that the Chiefs in Delta State are not being well cared for. Indeed, it is pertinent to note that Chiefs are very powerful in the society, as they exert a major influence over the people. The PDP leaders need to get closer to the chiefs, because they are very close to the populace. There is no need to give money to every Tom, Dick and Harry who are ready to decamp to the opposition party once they get the chance.

“You see, every man is a political animal. I know quite well that Chiefs are not really politicians in every sense of the word. Yet, the Chiefs can converse with the people at the grassroots level, in order to ensure that everyone receives his or her own share of the dividends of democracy. Thus the Delta State Government and the PDP leaders should go closer to the chiefs, interact and deliberate on sensitive issues with them.

“I am not saying that PDP leaders should not solicit for support from the youths. Rather, the point I am trying to make is that politicians should not only be careful of political harlots, but should also draw closer to the Chiefs. Thus, the Governor should call all the Chiefs together, speak to them and carry them along, so that the chiefs in turn can relate with their people.

“PDP leaders might not be aware of some persons who secretly decamp to opposition parties, or who surreptitiously go to the PDP’s opponents to collect money. On the other hand, it is the chiefs who know what goes on in secret places

“I have travelled to many areas in Delta State and I have seen the handwork of Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa. He is indeed doing his best to ensure that Delta State is developed to a reasonable scale.

“Be that as it may, there are still some areas where the Governor has not really made great impacts. Areas like Ute-Okpu, Idumuesah, Otolokpo and some other areas, have not felt the presence of the Governor. Therefore, the Governor needs to turn his attention to these areas, so that he can shut the mouths of persons who might be asking the question: what has the Governor done? He should not concentrate in only one area. Rather, his handiwork should be seen all over Delta State, including the above mentioned areas.

“I can assure the Governor that in my area, he is going to secure 100% votes without doubt. Money is not my goal, instead, my goal is to see Gov. Okowa re-elected, come 2019, as his actions so far, indicates that he is a man of action”.

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