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Sep 25, 2017
Mr. Curtis Nwadei

In a chat with newsmen recently, Mr. Curtis Nwadei the Business Manager of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) Agbor Business Unit, by Uromi Junction, disclosed that the company is aiming at 24 hours uninterrupted power supply in Agbor and its environs. This he noted can be achieved when customers pay. The statement is coming in the wake of recent observations by residents within Boji-Boji, Metropolis and environs, on the constant and stable power supply in recent times. Confirming the observations of BEDC customers the Business Manager, stated that power generation has improved and noted that it has been relatively stable in the last two to three weeks, emphasizing that their duty as a distribution company is to give their esteemed customers what is given to them. Continuing, he stated that in as much as BEDC wants to do her best in satisfying their customer, they will equally appreciate the customers to reciprocate the gesture by paying their bills, through which the organization will have enough money to do better than what they are doing presently, saying that even if generation goes to ten thousand mega watts in Nigeria today, if the distribution companies don’t have money to operate, there is no way the ten thousand mega watts will be useful to anybody, not even to the economy of the country; hence I am begging them and appealing to their consciences for them to try and ensure that bills are paid, so that the company will have money to maintain the lines, to change bad poles, repair faulty transformers and pay staff salaries.
Mr. Nwadei, during the interactive session specifically appreciated Ika Weekly Newspaper for being able to correctly inform and educate teeming readers, with facts from both sides of the stakeholders before rushing to press. Speaking further, Mr. Curtis Nwadei while responding to the question on the challenges faced by the electricity house during this period of the rainy season, stated that with God on their side none of the challenges has been catastrophic as it used to be in the past, noting that the company has really done a whole lot proactively to ensure that whenever the rain comes they will not damage their poles and this they have been able to achieve throughout this period. Continuing, he stated that in the last six months BEDC has erected well over one hundred and fifty concrete poles within Agbor alone; and that is to show that the company is ready to serve the people, as a company we have done a lot in terms of Network and reinforcement and that is why when the rain comes as heavy as they were we did not have challenges.
Speaking on the relationship between the residents of Ika land and BEDC officials, the Business Manager solicited for mutual understanding from their customers; saying, we still want to beg our customers not to take laws into their hands, if you feel aggrieved, there is a process; take the legal process, official process and normal to seek redress rather than taking laws into their hands. He admonished customers that when BEDC officials come to disconnect your light, let them disconnect, if you have issues? go to the office as the business manager is there to attend to you.
He also informed the Press about a case in the police station where a man went up and removed the pre paid meter that was installed on top of the electric pole, brought it down to the wall, and by-passed it. The Business Manager further advised BEDC customers to always go to the nearest BEDC office to report any fault in their area, explaining that they have notebook where the customers are to write down their names, address, phone number and the nature of the fault. He encouraged customers to request for the phone number of the officer who is attending to them at the office so that when the fault is not attended to within twelve hours, feel free to call the number and remind them that they have not attended to the compliant you brought to their notice. Continuing, Mr. Nwadei, enjoined residents of Ika land not to touch any snap-wire (wire cut). Whether there is light or not, rather they should contact any BEDC office closer to them and ensure that nobody goes near the wire. He pleaded with residents not to quarrel or fight with the BEDC officials, whenever they are doing their official duties; but to cooperate with them, so that they can give customers the best.