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May 24, 2018

The Business Manager of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC), Agbor Business Unit, Mr. Timothy Adeleye, has advised the general public to beware of miscreants, who go in the name of BEDC officials to extort the masses.

The Business Manager gave the advice at his office by Uromi Junction during an interactive session with newsmen on Monday, May 14, 2018. According to him, the advice is necessary in order to dispel the allegations in some quarters by some power consumers that they are usually made by the officials of the distribution company, to pay for poles, cables, transformers, etc. In his word, “BEDC as a company will never compel or ask any customer to invest into the network either by buying poles, cables, transformers or repairing transformer.” He emphasizing that it is not the responsibility of customers to buy any of the above items. He enjoined BEDC esteem customers to always notify the authorities of the company whenever they have challenges on their poles, transformers, etc in order for them to make requisition for the materials to rectify the faults noticed.

Continuing, Mr. Adeleye, stated that the only obligation required of the customers is for them to pay their bills promptly, to enable the company renders effective services for the customers satisfaction.

Speaking further, the Business Manager urged members of the public not to erect buildings and structures under High Tension line, explaining that it is very risky, saying that “the wire can snap (cut) at any time and when such occurs, lives and properties within the area are not safe.” He also advised against erecting buildings on the Right of way, stressing that, Government has the right of way, for utilities, pipe borne water, communication and for power, emphasizing that all these areas should not be encroached upon so that when the time comes for the extension of electricity supply to such areas, they should have a place where those lines can pass through. He also warned the public against putting caravans under High Tension lines.

He further encouraged parents to educate their children to stay away from the spot whenever they see electric wire on the ground, urging that when they see such, they should immediately contact any BEDC office nearest to them and report, so that the fault can be rectified. He urged all to be alert and careful of what is happening around them, saying that safety should be very paramount to all.

Continuing, the Business Manager also used the opportunity to inform their customers that the company officials have already installed poles to some of the areas that were affected by the wind and rainstorm that fell some poles last month within the metropolis. He however appealed to residents in some of the areas of the mishap whose poles were yet to be erected to bear with them, assuring that poles are now available to take care of all the areas and appreciated their patience with the company.

Speaking on the issue about the recent post on whatsApp, concerning one Mr. Michael, a staff of Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHEDC), who was arrested for unlawfully disconnecting an electricity consumer without prior notification order, as required by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), before disconnection, Mr. Timothy Adeleye, disclosed that for them in BEDC, they have printed customized notice that they give to customers at the point of distribution of bills. Explaining that they are two ways, that is, disconnection notice and disconnection order,saying that disconnection notice is issued before a place is disconnected, while at the point of disconnection, a disconnection order is also issued to the affected customer.

Continuing, he, however clarified that a place can be disconnected without the disconnection notice, in the case of emergency and for safety reason; according to him, an example is when you have a building under the high tension line, which is very dangerous and not safe for people to stay in, another example is when a service wire is not properly passed to a house; such can be disconnected to save lives and properties. Finally, he encouraged BEDC customers to pay their bills in order for the company to remain in business and to serve them effectively.