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Jun 23, 2023


It was a bizarre sight to behold on Tuesday June 20, 2023, when a man and a woman believed to be lovers were found dead and naked in the house in Idumu Eche Quarters, Ekwuoma in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State.

The man whose name was given as Mr. Uyawanne Daniel Ngemegwai aka Dan dollar and the woman, identified as Mrs. Chukwuekwu from Umu-Osi quarters, both from Ekwuoma, were believed to have died after making love in the man’s house.

Ika Weekly Newspaper reporter gathered that the ugly incident which occurred at the wee hour of that fateful day, attracted many in the community and others from neighbouring communities as well as passers-by

Residents in the area disclosed that they were not able to discover the corpses early because it was raining on that fateful day and the generator of the man was still on too, but wondered why the generator was still running till that wee hour.

They maintained that Mr. Uyawanne who was well known for his renting of canopy and chair business, has never left his generator running for many hours.

Those who knew him described him as generous, simple, peaceful and hardworking man who positively affected the lives of many in Ekwuoma.

While many described the sex escapade and death of the lovers as strange, some still believed that the duo might have been poisoned by unidentified person.


Some also believed that their sudden death may have been caused by the smoke from the generator, while some disagreed because the location of the generator was far from the room where the dead bodies were discovered.

However, the truth remains that no one could actually ascertain the real cause of their unfortunate demise.

One of the old women who came to register her condolence to the family of the man, said they have never witnessed such an ungodly occurrence in Ekwuoma, saying that two persons have never died in Ekwuoma at the same time in an uncompromised manner.

It was learnt that residents who brought the two lovers out from the room forced the door open as no one could open the door from inside.

It was further gathered that Mr. Uyawanne Daniel Ngemegwai, before his unfortunate transition to the great beyond, was said to have separated from his wife with whom he had children.

At the time of filing this report, the bodies of the duo had been deposited at Kifa’s mortuary in Umunede.

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