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Jul 31, 2018
Engr. Ukpere

A German based businessman, Engr. Monday Ukpere, has during a workshop held recently at the Ihu-Yase ICT centre, Agbor, informed participants on the need for all hands to be on deck in fighting against the rising menace of armed banditry, with the introduction of the Burglary alarm, a new innovation in the security market.

According to the businessman, the introduction of the burglary alarm is to checkmate the ever increasing rate of armed banditry in the society, saying that they have discovered that cases of houses being broken into, cases of people being robbed at gunpoint are on the increase, hence the idea of how to checkmate the level of crime, by enhancing a form of repelling effect, noting that an individual is able to repel the bandits when you have a means of attracting attention; explaining, that it is a situation where the person is attracting the attention of either the neighbourhood, the armed forces personnel which includes the army, police, vigilante or whosoever is appointed to check on issues relating to the security of lives and properties; emphasizing that with such measures we would have been able to at least save lives and properties from being looted and also prevent the bandits from breaking into people’s houses or robbing properties.

Continuing, he disclosed that the burglary alarm is very effective, it has a wide range of coverage, and the output cannot be limited by space; saying that it sounds very wide and everybody within the range will know that there is something wrong somewhere, through this it will attract rescue attention because people hear the alarm and they are compelled to find out what is going on.

Speaking further, Engr. Ukpere enjoined members of the public to key into the innovation by enhancing the security network in their homes and work place. He stated that in Lagos State, they have most of the security watch in most security post, disclosing that some of the estates in the State have the security alarms, which is to put the bandits to flight. He also revealed that customers who patronize the services offered at the Ihuyase ICT Centre henceforth will benefit some level of discount. He hinted that when the burglary alarm starts selling in Agbor the ICT centre would be used as the sales outlet.