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Jan 21, 2024

By Apostle Egwu Nwachukwu
In the same stretch, Leviticus 20:9-13 states in categorical terms the unacceptability of some profound immoral acts such as affront towards parents, adultery, incest etc which punishment God declared should be the ultimate prize of death. Today, these acts have become pedestrian and overtly and covertly being accentuated by new found, endtime preposterous preachers from hades. For this kind of foreseeable abominations, Jesus did indeed weep intensely, a cry of disillusionment and disappointment, a cry of anguish and forsaken expectations. Jesus knew that the opportunity for mankind to be truly saved would be neglected and so he wept (Matt. 26:31).
Heresy, a concomitant of controversial and unorthodox religious opinion, negating established religious beliefs and dogmas has risen to the front burner in Christendom. It is highly imperative to observe that the same clime from where evangelical and missionary propositions emanated, being Avant guard in Christian faith are the same people bastardizing and ridiculing long standing and widely accepted Christian doctrines. Recently many supposed Christians are at a crossroads concerning what to believe any longer, as they are confronted with barrage of conflicting and contradicting pontifications.
Topical issues such as payment of Tithe, dress code or mode among believers; male and female, same sex marriages, bestiality and abortion have become disputational and dialectical among religious pundits. Those who have taken their time to thread the narrow path which Jesus had described are least surprised, that the truth contained in the Holy book, which over centuries have been circulated with recognizable acceptance has suddenly become confusingly truncated. It is indeed a precursor to the End time. It was for this reason that “Jesus Wept” (John 11:35).
Many fickle minded believers would rather think that Jesus wept because of apprehension towards his certain and imminent demise. They may not be too far from the truth but our Lord Jesus in His Omniscience wept for several reasons. Jesus wept for the hardness of the hearts of mankind and his perception of the emergence and dominance of preachers and ministers of falsehood. For this reason, Jesus’ tears are pouring upon several altars of carnality and deception where desperate and gullible seekers are taken through unwholesome crucible of malignant dictums. Jesus wept thrice in the week preceding his crucifixion because of his compassion for mankind for whom he had made ultimate sacrifice for redemption but whose recalcitrance has bequeathed frustration on the son of God instead. (John 11: 35).
Jesus wept because of the calamity of sin. Imagine a doomed world where a revered ambassador of Jesus himself representing the Rock upon which the body of Christ is built turns around to become an anchorage for dammed Lucifer. Who would have imagined that against the statutes of God, the Pope who epitomizes Christendom; would for any reason, subscribe to same-sex marriage, urging catholic priests not to discriminate but rather bless the same. What a heretic catastrophe. The book of Leviticus (20:13) states that “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death: their blood shall be upon them.” It therefore makes me wonder whether this portion of the Bible has suddenly vanished into oblivion. How else could any morally obdurate religions human postulate the acceptance of what God himself declared as an abomination”.
Many countries in the Western world who came to steal all that belonged to Africa while brandishing the Bible are singing new songs of damnation. Their own “God” has eventually turned out to be Lucifer himself. No wonder their kind of religion permitted their covetous acts of slavery and economic plundering, killing and abuse of woman hood. It’s in realization of this manifestation that Jesus wept in anger and anguish (Luke 22:39-46). What else can be said of the predominance of Satan in today’s world. The more the body of Christ tend to pray, the more the sore and gaping gorgon manifest.
There is a degrading and debilitating desecration of youthfulness and the consequential hopelessness for a fruitful future. The adornment of ornaments in their ears and noses, wearing of women hairdos. Even among pastors, abuse of the chaste milieu of many a tabernacle by half naked, absent minded and fun seeking worshippers has become more of a norm than an exception. These acts are being orchestrated by the vagrancy of some malevolent agents of the devil in the garb of preachers and prophets, who come with fake doctrines that are supportive of iniquity.
It is anticipated that the secretiveness of bestiality will soon be overridden by the callous and perditions audacity of some men of God who have for earthly care sold their soul to the prince of peril himself. Across the globe, especially surfing through the social media, many women are seeing in bestial acts with various animals: dogs, horses, goats, cows etc. this also is an abomination to nature and God and stand at the root of pervading spiritual pestilence bedeviling quite a good number of families, communities and nations at large, (Lev. 20:15-16).
We might be awoken one day to behold the endorsement of the union between one wayward and condemned human with an animal in the guise of freedom of action and association or matrimony. It has remained common knowledge though spoken in hushed tones the atrocities of pedophiles and sodomy prevalent in many convents and parsonages.
Devil has long established rulership over the earth. Perhaps for as long as the unfateful event of his inglorious ousting and banishment from true light, as described in the book of Revelation (12:7-12).

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