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Jun 28, 2019

When he came on board some four years ago upon being appointed Commissioner for Basic And Secondary Education by His Excellency, Sen. (Dr) Ifeanyi .A. Okowa, Governor of Delta State, not many people were convinced that Chiedu Ebie  would discharge this legitimate assignment with a very good sense of prowess, commitment and dedication. They expected business as usual’ and the act of maintaining the ‘status quo’ as was the case with his predecessors in recent times, who recorded abysmal performance and failures with regard to that office.

However, those skepticism became short lived; they could not stand the test of time as no sooner he assumed office, than things began to witness some radical changes, allowing them take their pride of place in the scheme of things.

Before Barrister Chiedu Ebie  assumed the headship of that portfolio, so many things have already gone awry; as the ministry had high record of poor administrative performance and decays in schools infrastructure.

As a technocrat with a proven track record in the business world and with an uncommon zeal and passion to serve, and having also understood the vision and goal of the state governor for the state in respect of that ministry as encapsulated in his SMART Agenda, he did not waste time, as he swung into to action immediately, working round the clock and putting adequate measures aimed at helping to drive and actualize it, in place.

Now, it is not as if this writer has any personal connection with the new Secretary to the State Government that sort of preempted this write-up. In fact, he does not even know him not to talk of having any personal dealings with him ever since he was born. We all have ears and we all can also see. Therefore, everything being said or written about him here is not just that heard on the grapevine, but authenticated by the people’s verdict – what they have continued to say about him before and after this new appointment; the people who actually knew or were close to him and even those whose lives were positively touched by this great man of honour and impeccable manners in the last four years, as commissioner. SEE ALSO: WHY THE TECHNICAL SCHOOLS MUST WORK IN DELTA STATE

For example, a lot of people within and outside his former ministry have continued to pour encomiums on the former commissioner for the remarkable achievements  made in that ministry in the last four years under Chiedu Ebie’s headship, especially the transformation that has taken place. They have also continued to pay tributes to him on his new and elevated appointment as Secretary to State Government (SSG), taken it as an appointment well-deserved, that would to a large extent, help facilitate the much desired stronger Delta State, the office being a very important one-the “Engine Room” of government. They saw the former commissioner as a statesman with great and unassuming leadership attributes and qualities coupled with being a man of high rectitude while in office as the head. They commented on his dynamism and adaptability, while also looking at his resourcefulness, integrity, sense of humility and reliability. Some also talked about his disciplined, principled, well-cultured, kind and affable nature, while equally giving an appraisal of his respectful, friendly and humanitarian disposition.

Many also described Chiedu Ebie as a trustworthy, charismatic, intelligent and responsible administrator and leader; ascribing the reasons for the acclaimed success in the last four years in his former job, to diligence, dedication, commitment, efficiency, loyalty and hard work.

I feel and think these and other attributes are supposedly the prerequisites for good leadership any day, any time, if the desired success and results must be achieved in any set goals in life, which must be imbibed and encouraged by all and sundry, as exemplified by Chiedu Ebie.

Meanwhile, the good people of Delta State have also continued to pay tributes to His Excellency, Ifeanyi Okowa, for believing in and rewarding efficiency, excellence and hard work; and also, by his being highly discerning enough as to discover these qualities in Chiedu Ebie, and finding him worthy and fit and subsequently appointing him as head of the Engine Room of government. In fact, they are happier that the state would now have the much desired opportunity to move faster than ever in terms of economic growth and development, with the calibre of the person appointed secretary to the state government, having broken all records in his former appointment, praying the governor to also appoint more people like Ebie in his new cabinet.

Just think about this. When preparing my last article some weeks ago and really appraising the ministries that actually contributed greatly to the success story of the last four years of Okowa’s administration in terms of performance, I did mention specifically the ministry of Basic and Secondary Education under Chiedu Ebie, giving a thumb up on the giant strides recorded in that respect. Little did I know that this vibrant, resourceful and result oriented young man, Mr. Chiedu, will be promoted to this new office being occupied today, based on hard work, a proof and confirmation of the saying that “the voice of men is the voice of God”. Such is life.

Now, coming to terms with what is visibly in place especially in the area of development of school infrastructure in the last four years in his former ministry as head, and apart from the people’s views above and assessment in the area of administration and others, it is a well known fact that he delivered excellently well. The performance was superb and marvelous and that, to the great expectations of Deltans.

Gift Jay Chiedu

Apart from the administrative rot he inherited when he assumed office, so many schools under his ministry were suffering one decay in infrastructure or the other. Teaching and learning environment was not that very conducive. But today, one believes that over 70% of those schools have been given a face-lift. They have either been rehabilitated or rebuilt and equipped. This, in addition to establishment and building of new ones across the state especially at the secondary school level, arising from the shortfall in the discretionary and wise handing over of mission schools back to their rightful and original owners, by the former administration. Even when Chiedu Ebie has since left office before the present elevation to that of a higher calling, work has remained in progress – a situation that suggests he has already put measures in place for their completion, before his exit. I hope his successor would deem it proper to carry on with the good work; government being a continuum, also.

Just as I use this medium to extend my warmest congratulations to my surname’s namesake Chiedu, on his well-earned appointment I would implore him not to disappoint Deltans but rather bring to bear this expertise and wealth of experience gathered over the years on the new job; committing his all to it as he is always known for especially in his former assignment. Based on facts and figures and available records, Chiedu Ebie is not the type who takes public responsibilities for granted or as no man’s business as some people do in this part of the world, but rather, as every man’s, which has always made you exert your best on it, especially your former assignment and I think also that it has actually continued to pay off for you, following your recent elevation. You were recognized, remembered and deemed fit and found worthy to occupy this new exalted office, by the eagle-eyed authorities who I am sure, have been closely watching and monitoring your every step, these last four years probably unknown to you and giving their secret thumbs-up, which in the long run brought you this great reward for excellence.

I would therefore, appeal to the SSG, Chiedu Ebie to continue in this mien, improving on and sustaining this uncompromising spirit of giving your best to all Deltans in this new assignment. Absolute loyalty to His Excellency is also greatly commanded here. Honesty and diligence should remain the watchword. There should be no betrayal of this trust and confidence implicitly reposed in you by the governor and the good people of Delta State. Also, total cooperation, collaboration and maintenance of synergy with, as required of this office to fellow members of the Executive Arm.

The State House of Assembly, The Judiciary, other political appointees, all political stakeholders and in short, all Deltans should be vigorously and jealously pursued and guarded in this new assignment to get the desired result and reach the desired goal. Run and maintain an open door policy with all vigilance, also. You must up the ante on your usual sense of simplicity, humility and accommodation of all, in this new job. In fact, this is the right time and opportunity to fully bring to bear or exercise those attributes and qualities as mentioned before. Continue to oil and maintain them in this onerous new task. Remain courageous as you carry out your duties. The Almighty God is with you and He is taking you to somewhere great. It only requires your cooperation with His Excellency and in shot, all Deltans, to realize it because “one good turn deserves another”, it is said.

There should be continuous improvement, consolidation on and sustenance of what you are already known for in your former office. Deltans must feel, know, enjoy and equally appreciate you better in this new assignment than any other time. Ensure you get more endeared to them this time for the great task ahead. Obstacles may arise on the way, only remain undauntedly focused and committed, putting your absolute trust in the Almighty, and by His grace and power, we will all surely get there.

Congratulations! Once again, as I pray the Almighty God to grant you the wisdom, strength, good health and protection to carry out this noble assignment to His glory and the benefit of all Deltans.



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