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Sep 16, 2017

Members of Agbor Gha-Ihun security outfit in Agbor Kingdom have once again taken a step in ensuring a crime free society by apprehending a suspected house burgler who is said to be among the hoodlums terrorizing residents of Ihogbe community in Ime-Obi and its environs. The suspected house burglar who identified himself as Ogorchukwu Eluokwu (28) from Alihagwu Community, Agbor, allegedly burgled a residential building belonging to a retired Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mr. Benjamin Onyemechi, located at a new layout adjacent to James Hope College, Agbor at the wee hours of the night and carted away household items among other valuables.
The suspected house burglar in his confessional statement said he felt the house was abandoned that was why he burgled it. “I entered through the back of the house, and entered the ceiling and stole properties which I wanted to use personally.
Mr. Onyemechi, the house owner said he returned home from FUTO in Owerri where he works as Chief Security Officer as a result of a distress call that his house was burgled, narrated that this was the second time hoodlums had burgled his house.
He said the first time was in July, but then nothing was taken from the house until this second time. He listed the items stolen to include one 43 inches plasma TV set, one German made pump action gun which cost N 500,000, one gas cooker, Rechargeable lantern, Four Pairs of Jean trousers, One Sonya Stereo, Woofers speakers, Eight pairs of Suits costing N 240,000, toasting machine and a 4 by 8 inches mattress.
Speaking further, Mr. Onyemechi expressed sadness over the nonchalant attitude of Youths who are adamant to turning away from committing crime.
He said he would have wished to employ Ogorchukwu as a gardener in the house, pay him monthly and as well, give him a room in the duplex but would not be able to do so having found out that he (Ogorchukwu) was working in a group. However, the suspected house burglar is being compelled to pay for the stolen items or probably return them or risk jail to serve as deterrent to his gang members.
Meanwhile, Mr. Onyemechi appreciated members of Agbor Gha-Ihun for the good work they are doing.

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