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Feb 4, 2018

If 2014/2015 was a year we played dirty and nice just to sell our individual candidates, be prepared to have triple fold of it in 2018/2019 Delta Gubernatorial. It’s a fight to finish. The dice we threw then will be changed. The dance beat will also change, not because the dancers are really different but because the drum beaters are different and the stage totally different.

Ifeanyi Okowa: The Ekwueme of the Universe. To say he won’t run for  Delta Gubernatorial is like saying you were not created but fell from heaven. He’s sure going to be the PDP candidate for this election. Truth be told, the election will be won not on the strength of the party but simply by the works on ground he campaigns with. Let’s be factual, most of those working to see him re-elected are doing so because of the love for their Principal Secretary, who is taking the election as his own battle. This election will be a battlefield for him and will not be a smooth sail for him like 2015 where he thrashed Ogboru and Emerhor. As it stands, if election holds today, there might be a re-run. The last DSIEC election proves it and you can argue it at his peril. Worst of all, the media team that worked for him in 2014 seems disenchanted and have since scattered, waiting for its pound of flesh to unleash terror and revenge. Okowa has an edge which is not power of a sitting governor but…….. Wait for it.

Ovedje Ogboru: A serial loser and a spoiler. As usual, he knows he won’t win but just to rock the boat for those who are in the race to win the Delta Gubernatorial; a political contractor who comes every four years to make money and zoom back to Lagos leaving his followers. He’s sure going to contest under the APC but will decamp to another party since he won’t be given the ticket. The dude knows Anioma has to complete its tenure but he seeks relevance and spoiler’s game. Analysis as time goes will come up.

Victor Ochei: Olikeze… so they call him, handsome in looks with his chubby face. Accused of being over ambitious by his critics; but who is not ambitious in life. In that belly of his lies some deep political secrets that can make any man like him seek the highest office in the State. Until you sit with him, you can never know. Ochei will run and has been favoured, but the tide is about to turn away. Still he will run and run against his Anioma brother, Okowa.

Cairo Ojougboh: Known for rocking the political boat, controversial yet steadfast in belief. Even though he has not publicly stated it, but his picture that was last seen on social media indicates he may run. The Akinuwa of the Universe, “Tallest,” his political admirers call him, but the tall dream of becoming governor is not plucked from the mango tree. He has the strength which is the fact that he’s a news maker and extremely friendly with the Press. His blank budget scandal story on Delta was the biggest negative story that rocked the state in 2017. Who knows what he has up his sleeves in 2018? It’s an Anioma war again.

Pat Utomi: Given the chance to govern, this Prof may just run Delta State underground like his critics said he did to Volkswagen. Good in speaking English but can’t explain where his imaginative Silicone Valley is. He is another Anioma who’s bent on destroying the chances of a brother governor. Like the rest, he will run.


By Fejiro Oliver (God’s Pen of Morality)