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From alll indications, there are two major categories of stakeholders who are kicking vehemently against the unwritten but desirable zoning formula in the State. Curiously, all of these stakeholders are of the APC stock.

As evidence of hindsight, let me reiterate that the zoning formula I am referring to is that one which though unwritten, stipulates that for the sake of equity, fairplay and brotherliness among Deltans, political power should be rotated among the three Senatorial Districts of the State. Just equally as a reminder, it is pertinent to say that almost all Deltans save the APC folks, have found congruence with this politically acceptable norm.

The first category of ardent opposers houses the Chief Emerhors, Ogboru , Erues and so on. Although these men are quick to question the rationality of the zoning formula in their own State,they are nonetheless hypocritical enough to support same at the Federal Level.

To this brigade,President Buhari’s seemingly lacklustre and abysmal performance coupled with the burden of his failing health can continue beyond 2019 because as they claim:’ it is now the turn of the North to rule’.

Incidentally, Chiefs Emerhor and Ogboru appear lost to the times and mood in the State. In all likelihood, I am sensing that they seem to have some difficulty finding their way out of the reveries of the Uvwiamugie Declaration which unfortunately for them, has had most of its initially ardent Urhobo proponents jettisoning it in pursuit of equity and love for the other Senatorial Districts.

Well,if my submissions be taken as misplaced,let the handlers of these Chiefs produce any infallible evidences to show that all the initial stakeholders of the said Declaration ( Traditional Rulers, opinion leaders,elders,youths market folks etc)are still hell- bent on its enforcement come 2019.

Why then does it appear that these habitual gubernatorial contestants have remained resolute in their bid to superimpose their political will and preferences on that of almost all other Deltans?This is one question whose answer leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Yes, the audacity of someone like Chief Ogboru in superimposing the will of Deltans is becoming quite nauseating. Any doubt on this must have been erased by the shenanigans experienced in the turbulent and shambolic APC Guber Primaries held on the 1st of October, 2018 wherein fair play, equity and justice were thrown overboard.

In the second APC category are those who advocate the replacement of Gov Okowa with another Anioma son in the 2019 Elections. While no one should deny the inalienable right of every other Anioma son or daughter to contest for any political office in the land, the proffered reasons for the gubernatorial substitution are as bizarre as the choices of candidates by these proponents.

In relation to their choices, Hon Ochei and Prof. Utomi have come across as their natural choices.

I do not in any way oppose for instance, the ambition of Hon Ochei to govern. However, he is yet to convincingly bring to the table his enviable antecedents and repertoire of experience that should place a compelling responsibility on the Aniomas to drop ‘ the bird in hand for the evasive millions in the bush’.

As for Prof. Utomi, he should recognise that though he is celebrated as being very cerebral, academic or classroom experiences do not automatically translate to the tested display of one’s capability to manage the delicate interplay of human and capital resources.

Another check shows that one other over- flogged reason that critics submit for the proposed substitution of Gov Okowa is the accusation of under- performance.

Indeed, no one has the right to begrudge any Deltan asking for more dividends of Democracy from elected officials. However,any untoward accusations that claim that Gov Okowa has not performed ‘ AT ALL’ can only be taken to spark of very hideous mischief and hypocrisy.

For instance, these APC ‘ advocates of condemnation’ will laboriously and incessantly always defend and excuse Buhari’s lacklustre tenure as a by-product of fallen oil prices but will immediately turn around expecting some magic from Gov Okowa in the face of same fallen oil prices,low tax regimes and over-burdening work force.

Well,apart from lacking the understanding of the hard times in the nation, these critics ordinarily ought to judge a political leader like Gov Okowa by his manifesto or electoral promises. This no doubt,is better in terms of morality and rationality.

Anyway, that critics decide to take or leave it,Gov Okowa has done so well through his SMART Agenda and given his unabated enthusiasm to positively impact the lives of Deltans at the expiration of his tenure, he will do more.

This is one assurance that the amiable Governor – who is desirous for posterity to judge him fairly -will not afford to renege on.



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