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Sep 16, 2019

Late Inspector Godwin Eboh, was born in Egwechime, Obi Quarters of Umunede, Delta State. He joined the Nigerian Police, in the year 2000 and was posted to Enugu State, where he was serving, until hardhearted persons attacked and snuffed life out of him in the late hours of Sunday, the 31st of August, 2019 at the premises of United Bank of Africa (UBA) Kenyatta, Uwani, Enugu, and while on official duty.


The deceased Inspector, who was described by some of his colleagues as a reliable, meticulous and hardworking police officer, was admired by all and sundry and will be sorely missed by everyone who had one thing or the other to do with him.

Late Inspector Godwin Eboh, was paradoxically murdered by desperate and vicious agents of hell and this made him the latest victim of the new form of homicide which has become a common feature in that volatile region of the country, leaving behind a helpless wife and three children.

Hard to assimilate the reality before them, Late Inspector Eboh’s immediate family, kinsmen, as well as friends and colleagues have been reacting to the shocking news of the unfortunate incident with total dismay and have been unable to point at any particular direction, with regard to the cause of such nefarious act.

Late Inspector Godwin Eboh, who was attached to MOPOL 3, Enugu, in Enugu state, left home that fateful Sunday, with a promise to his wife and children, that he will see them at the close of work. A promise, fate denied him of fulfilling, as that night, while he was in the bank as a security personnel on special duty, some “cowards” allegedly crept into the premises, gagged him up with a rope and stabbed him many times on the chest, making sure his arteries were cut, as well as the major veins in both hands, before leaving him to die slowly and painfully, by bleeding to death.

At the scene of the crime, it was discovered that neither his wallet nor official riffle was taken away, but the SIM card in his mobile phone was the only item that was found worthy of interest, which insinuates that the assailants may have communicated with him on phone, before locating him.

Ironically and unbelievably, no one heard nor witnessed this evil, while it was being perpetrated and to imagine such scenario in a modern banking premises with a highly multifaceted security system, in both personnel and equipment is the biggest joke of the century.


However, we particularly await the reaction of the Nigerian Police, also affected by this loss and hoping that the needful is done in leaving no stone unturned, towards unraveling the mystery surrounding the gruesome murder of Inspector Godwin Eboh.

At times like this, when it is obvious that the issue of security of lives, could no longer be taken as a pedestrian affair, but a matter of serious concern, our sincere belief lies in the fact that the authorities concerned, will fish out the killers of this young and vibrant Inspector of Police, whose late mother’s corpse still lies in the mortuary, awaiting burial and bring them to book, as any attempt to treat the matter with levity or sweep it under the carpet, shall be duly resisted.