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May 23, 2021

The recent dissolution by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State of State Executive Council, the comprising 25 commissioners, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), the Chief of Staff, Government House, Senior Political Advisers and other advisers appears to have come as a surprise to Deltans and the watching world as no one could lay claim to have seen the development coming, not even the media or the political appointees affected by the Governor’s decision.


Announcing the development, at a briefing at the Government House, Asaba on the outcome of the dissolved SEC meeting, the immediate past Commissioner for Information, Mr. Charles Aniagwu, stated that the reason for the dissolution was to give room for fresh hands to help the State Executive Council (SEC) strengthen the administration’s agenda of a stronger Delta.


According to him, the governor thanked members of the dissolved SEC for their contributions to the success of his administration in the past six years, including those who joined in the last two years and had directed all the affected political appointees to hand over to the permanent secretaries in their respective ministries.

The Delta State Governor, Sen. (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, on Wednesday 19th May, 2021 said he dissolved the State’s Executive Council to check distraction in governance.


He admitted that many of the commissioners worked very hard in helping him to achieve the successes his administration had recorded in the last six years, but stated that the cabinet started getting divided, a development that began to brew distraction in governance in the State.


Essentially, while the News Organization joins the Governor to appreciate the members of the now dissolved State Executive Council (SEC), we particularly commend the state Governor for mustering the political will to take such a step.


More specifically, looking at the reason for the dissolution which the Governor says was to give room for fresh hands to help the State Executive Council (SEC) to strengthen the administration’s agenda of a stronger Delta, as well as to check distraction in governance. the Governor has again demonstrated that the interest of deltans and the desire to move that state forward as against political friendship with very few/cronies informed his order of priority when it comes to matters that affects Deltans in particular and the state by extension.

This in the Newspaper’s views is highly commendable.


As the editorial board and of course the entire management and staff commend the state Governor, it is also important at this juncture to speak what has been on the minds of Deltans. And that is the fact that while some of the ex-appointees did their best to help the state improve the life chances of the people via rendering of selfless services, others were more of a burden than asset to the state. Their actions were more often underlined by, and predicated on personal interest, patterned observation and emotional tagging.


From the above awareness, Ika Weekly Newspaper proposes that while those that performed superlatively well may be called back when the new state executive is reconstituted, those in the second group/category, whose actions were riddled with selfishness should have the doors leading to corridors of power in the state shut permanently against them.


On the injection of new hands into the state public service, the Newspaper just like the generality of Deltans need not lose sleep as the State Governor; Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa is reputed for discovering talents in the state and giving them their rightful positions.


As a corporate organization operating in the state, we are particularly happy that in material terms, the people (Deltans) have through hard work, planning, established themselves in all sectors-finance, science/technology, sports and education among others.


Appreciably also, they daily manifest signs of a people that have left behind third world challenges of illiteracy and poverty, to become a successful centre for the dissemination and distribution of best human capital resources across the nation and the globe.


The above fact we believe will help make the selection process simple and the Governor’s work less rigorous.


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