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Oct 25, 2021
One of the leading comedians of Ika extraction, Mr. Chukwudome Bright, with the stage name, Dome Bright, has appreciated Ika residents on their response to the show recently organized by a popular comedian, Gordons in Ika land which was held on Sunday, October 17, 2021, at Vienna Arena, Old Lagos Asaba Road, Boji Boji, Owa, Ika Northeast Local Government Area of Delta State, as well as make case for indigenous artistes.
He stated this in an interview he granted IKA WEEKLY NEWSPAPER at the recently held Gordon’s Show
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May we meet you?
My name is Chukwudome Bright popularly known as Dome Bright the Comedian I hail from Ununede in Ika Northeast Local Government Area of Delta State.
How would you describe the recent comedy show organized by Gordon’s in Ika land?
It was an awesome experience and a thing of joy having my senior colleagues in the comedy industry in my hometown doing it better for us to learn, I am happy for my wonderful boss, Gordons.
What implications or impacts do you think the show has made on Ika residents as regards entertainment?
One, the impart is that it has been able to change the mentality concerning the sales of tickets payment before the entrance and the implication is that if we the entertainers in IKA NATION refuse to love ourselves, corporate, work on ourselves and keep our hope alive, without giving up, we may lose our value and territory to strangers, (external celebrities) But if we work hard by being creative and consistent, we will all reign together and Ika people will one day become proud of us.
How do you think the event will affect the entertainment industry in Ika?
It will have no effect, as long as Ika people refuse to support struggling upcoming entertainers in the land. but give s all support to external artiste because they are big names, the people should learn how to carry their own along, If not many of us would give up and, some I involve themselves in what they never wanted to do because its survival of the fittest, its reality unfortunate.
Mention some of the artists that performed in the show you would like to commend?
I will like to commend MC Edo Pikin, King James Privilege Son Destalker, and Oriste Femi, they did wonderfully well and thrilled the audience.
Mention some of the guests you would like to appreciate
Some of the guests I will like to recognize their presence and contributions are Dr. Donald Peterson, Comrade Prince Emmanuel Okonye, the Progressive Brothers, Yung Boss Stancy Mr. Chopper, Kossy Billions, the CEO DE-REY’S OIL, China Money, Mr. Dan Adonis, Usher Machine Mr. Festus, Mr. Marvelous, King Val and a host of others too numerous to mention.
Do you think Ika Artist can do more than what is on the ground and what do you think are the challenges faced by those in the entertainment industry in Ika land?
Yes, we can and even do better; after all, we have been doing it in our way without any sponsorship. Recall I was the first and only Comedian that brought Gordons to Agbor without sponsor or partners. He saw the huge turn-up in my last event “DOME BRIGHT COMEDY CRUSADE LIVE IN IKA NATION” held December 26, 2020, at New Mandarin. At the show, he saw an opportunity and he grabbed it. I am so happy it gave birth to something as huge as this.
If some artist in Ika nation were given the exact support or even half of the support given to Gordons, who is our mentor, we will do wonders.
I hosted the biggest comedy show in IKA NATION and I am not toning up. Already I have a program lined December 28, 2021, Dome Bright Comedy Crusade Live In Ika Nation, tagged, “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”. This coming evening will be far bigger than the last one I organized. It will be bigger than Gordon Show, the reason being that I have learned from the best. Gordons has taught me that “TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH”, and as such, I know better than the last time I organized a show. Gordons has taught me so many things that have to do with a successful event and I appreciate him so much for that, Ika nation is so blessed and a good marketplace for show business
The challenges Artist face are enormous but the major one is that Ika People do not support their own.
My humble advice to all Ika entertainers is that there is a need to shun envy, they should not envy any celebrity as they have not paid the price. Those celebrities have paid the price, when some of them tell their story you will pity them Gordons did not become a celebrity overnight, he worked for it.
When I learned that someone from Agbor, paid for the hall used for the event and even paid for 3years and a lot of persons bought tickets worth millions of naira, I was so happy and proud of my people, the reason being that Gordons has paid his dues, he worked for it, he passed through a lot to build his brand. So let’s not envy the glory but check at his story. He was not supported because he is a stranger, but because he is a brand.
I want to appeal to artistes in Ika, we should update, build our brands, create good relationships with people and learn from those who are successful in the industry, instead of giving up or backbiting those who have made it.
Let us endeavor to build our brand, make your name a household name, be humble, learn from others. above all, trust in God because man can fail but God is the lifter of men.
Where do you see Dome Bright in the next 5years?
In the next 5 years, I see Dome Bright organising the biggest Comedy show in Delta State, here in Agbor. I see Dome Bright as one of the biggest Comedians in Africa.
I want to use this medium to appreciate all that came to support my boss and inform all that
Dome Bright Comedy Crusade holds Live in Delta State (AGBOR) on December 28, 2021, at VIENNA ARENA. For advert Call 07064440948.