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Aug 1, 2020

The President and Founder, D-Peterson Foundation, Dr. Donald Peterson has again shown his benevolence and philanthropic prowess when a youngster of Ika extraction, Precious Egilewe, a web developer, who hails from Alifekede in Ika South L.G.A. of Delta State, was awarded a scholarship better described as ‘Life Scholarship.’

The scholarship is to cover for his first degree to Ph.D level with immediate employment after NYSC, including Industrial Training offer to any country of the world.

Responding to the gesture, Precious Egilewe, who is presently a staff of Ika Weekly Newspaper said he was shocked to his bone marrow on receiving the news, saying that he lacked words to express his gratitude to Dr. Donald Peterson.


Speaking further, he said, “I really was not looking forward to this when I nursed the vision of carrying out the project that earned me this mouth whetting offer.

“Well, as a blogger and web developer, I was so much concerned about the affairs of people from Ika and Delta State as a whole. So, with my experience as a blogger and website developer, I pulled out a project that will contribute to the growth of organizations and business firms in Ika Land.

“At first, I was scared, thinking that people would not value it, but the drive was still there to give it a try. After so much effort, I finally completed my first project which was assigned to D-Peterson Foundation. I sent a request to Dr. Donald Peterson which he accepted and I went to see him.

“After presenting the project to him, he really appreciated it. He then invited me over to see him. When I finally met him, he asked me about my background, which I disclosed to him. Then he requested to see my parents and so, we drove to my village in his car. On getting there, he said a lot of things, but what shocked me most was the scholarship.


“He said he was going to sponsor my education from undergraduate to Ph.D level and that after my NYSC, I would get automatic employment and then, I would do Industrial Training at any organization of my choice in the world.

When I heard all these, it was as if I was dreaming. My parents were overwhelmed. Honestly, words are not enough to express my gratitude to this man who has touched my life and changed my status quo. I am ever indebted to him and I pray God to bless him richly and increase him geometrically.”

In a telephone chat with Donald Peterson, who had earlier on turned down the interview pleading anonymity, but later consented after much persuasions, he  said in Ika parlance, “Does one save his own home and call multitudes for accolades for saving his own house?” He said that one doesn’t applaud himself or herself for doing himself or herself a favour.

“The young man called me some weeks ago and told me he needed to discuss something with me. I was wondering what the discussion could be and so, I gave him a date.

“After a while, he called again to inform me how serious the discussion was. Then, I began to wonder what could be so serious, because usually, when young people say they want to see me, they are on demand for money to do this or that. But contrary to that, when we eventually met, he told me he had designed a website for my Foundation and not only that, he went further to pay for the domain name.

“Though, it is cheap, yet, looking at the young man of about 18 years and he is doing this, I asked him why he took the pains to do all these, and he said he believed in the vision of the D-Peterson Foundation, and that for the fact that they are adding values to people’s life, it is his own contribution to the Foundation.

“When I looked at the website, he used ‘.com’ instead of ‘.org.’ and it was well designed, but then I discovered that the youngster needed tutelage. He is like what I will call a raw diamond that needs to be refined and polished. And there and then, I fell in love with him. I felt it would be right to give him the right guidance and mentorship. So, based on that, we at D-Peterson Foundation were motivated to give the youngster the scholarship.

“And that Scholarship covers from his first degree to his Ph.D. Not just that, we will also be receiving training in Computer Software Development Programmes around the world. He no longer falls into the category of people that will be looking for work anymore. When he finishes his National Youth Service, he already has a job secured for him at my Software Development Company. He will only look for job when he feels he needs a job that pays higher,” he said.

Speaking further, Donald Peterson said we all need one another to survive and make the world a better place, and so, when we are privileged, we should help one another.


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