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Jan 13, 2020

We have all witnessed the advent of the New Year 2020.  Achieving such feat without any shadow of the doubt alone calls for celebration. As a result, the Publisher, Editorial Board and the entire members of the IKA WEEKLY NEWSPAPER House felicitate with Media Practitioners all over the world. SEE ALSO: BUHARI, CORRUPT OFFICIALS, TECHNICALLY DEFEATED MEDIA

That said; it is important to add that there are strategic remarks that Media Practitioners must take seriously into account in order to perform their role of objective information dissemination creditably well.

Every society, in the words of George Soros, media inclusive, needs some shared values to hold it together. When such values disappear, the society becomes a mere simple equation without meaning. That societies, nations and countries thrive peacefully when nourished by a healthy media sector built on professionalism.

Globally, the role of the media in every evolving democratic society like ours is to inculcate and reinforce positive political, cultural, social attitudes among the citizenry. And create a mood in which people become keen to acquire, skills and disciplines of developed nations.

In same way, as we race to create a balanced nation, Media  Practitioners must recognize that without criticism, reliable, and intelligent reporting, the government cannot govern for no adequate way in which government can keep itself informed about what the people of the country are thinking or doing.

Most importantly, in this year 2020 we urge every Media Practitioner and group to understand that every decision a journalist makes when gathering, organizing and presenting the news requires a value judgment. Different decisions bring different results.

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