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Feb 28, 2021
befitting burial

From available records, there are but two major religions practiced by the people of Ika nation. They are; Christianity and Traditional Religions. While a gorge of difference exists in their belief system, these two religions are united in one area. Both are reputed for preaching acts of befitting burial for departed loved ones. Take the Catholics as an example, burying the dead is one of their corporal works of mercy.

But in recent times, it appears the two religions (Christians and traditional worshipers in Ika nation are at a cross road over what constitutes a ‘befitting burial’.

In the past two decades or there about, individuals/families have differently and variously defined ‘befitting burial’ in the image of their actions. Like sheep, everyone has gone his/her ways.  Even religious leaders have watched these followers of theirs gone astray on this issue and failed to raise red flags.

Today, in Ika nation, giving a befitting burial to departed souls is against all known logic likened to a capital-intensive project or a thing of competition where one family fights to out shine the other in spending. As it currently stands, ‘Befitting Burial’ in the estimation of an average Ika man is but a function of amount spent.

It has gone so bad that some families in their bid to achieve the so called ‘befitting burial’ status get soaked in debts that attract exorbitant interests and require about two to three years repayment plan. This is not only ridiculous but qualified as a crisis.

In the objective opinion of the editorial board of Ika Weekly Newspaper, this development is both alien to Ika nation and a reality that all must worry about. We must not forget that if our departed parents could have their ways, they will never support the decision to borrow for the purpose of according a befitting burial.

Even for the rich families where the money is perceived to be readily available, the newspaper can never under any appearance, support frivolities. We are called to spend and not to waste money. It is against natural justice. We must learn to raise the red flags and draw the line between spending and wastage. We must not fail to remember that in everything, virtue lies at the middle.

In the newspaper’s view, it will be more rewarding if part of these money that is ‘wasted ‘in the guise of giving a befitting burial is redirected to establishing Foundations in the name of the departed father or mother, uncle or aunt. And such Foundation used as developmental vehicle for training the indigent children in the society, provide infrastructures and empower the unemployed graduates/youths in the community.

The religious and traditional leaders have a role to play if these demands are to be achieved as the people require serious re-orientation in this direction.

This is the way to go; we must learn to live within our income.

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