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Oct 19, 2020

Youths in Agbor in together with other youths in some parts of the federation on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 took their turn and embarked on #ENDSARS PROTEST which has taken centre stage since over a week now throughout the country. The peaceful protest commenced at Highlight Bar and Lounge, opposite New Mandarin, to Agbor Police Divisional Headquarters, Agbor and then, to Agbor-Obi/Benin-Onitsha Expressway, as youths came out en masse with placards displaying: “Iphone Nor be Gun,” “ENDSARS!”“ENDSWAT!” “End Police Brutality!” and others.

Speaking with newsmen during the protest, one of the leaders of the protest and a Nigerian Comedian, Joshua Agholor, also known as Amb. Femi Joe said the essence of the peaceful protest was to end SARS and Police brutality.


Speaking further, he said, “Ika Youths, Delta State Youths and Nigerian Youths in general are not animals. We have a right to life and the Nigerian Police are to protect lives, not to take it.”

In the same vein, another youth who gave his name as M.C. Lyrics, said, “We are tired of this mess! As an entertainer, I cannot move in peace, look good to my fans, without the harassment of the Police.

“I am a bonafide young citizen of this country and I know my right; if you want to arrest or search me, you have to have a search warrant to do your searching, and not to extort me. I have a legal job and earn salary, but, because I decide to appear good the way I want, I am being seen and treated as a criminal.

“I have been brutalized severally by men of the Nigerian Police and now, as a team, we are saying ‘NO’ to Police brutality and ‘NO’ to SARS. We don’t want SARS, we don’t want SWAT; all we need is the usual policemen in their uniform carrying out their prescribed duties.”


At the Agbor Police Divisional Headquarters, a youth asked, “Is it legal for a Policeman to slap a citizen of this country for an unknown reason? Is it lawful to kill a Nigerian citizen extra-judiciary without being charged to court? Is it constitutional to take the life of a citizen who is not convicted or charged to court? Or is having a phone or looking good, a crime?”

Responding to the youth, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Agbor Police Divisional Headquarters, Enweliku Rex A., said, “No Nigerian Police is trained to carry out any of the questions you just asked and any policeman that goes against his training and the ambit of the law, must be brought to book.”

He urged the youths to remain calm as the State Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and the State Commissioner of Police have given their words to look into the issue.

In his words, “Let us be patient and see the reformed Police Stakeholders all over the country have promised to contribute to the new phase of the Nigerian Police.

“No Policeman is from the space; we are all products of the same society. Let us see how we can encourage ourselves to get the Nigerian Police of our dream and I believe with your support, we can achieve this.”

The DPO therefore urged them to make the protest a very peaceful one, while exercising their right.

There was however an indoor private meeting with the DPO and a five man delegation of the youths inside the premises of the Police Station where a compromise was reached in the absence of the Press.


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