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May 1, 2019

It was a moment of solemn consecration to God Almighty for the people of Ewuru community as both old and young of Ewuru community closed down their shops and other engagements to seek the face of God on Easter Monday, April 22, 2019.

The prayer meeting which is an annual event that started over 8 years ago was held at the newly renovated Uweijo Primary school, Ewuru in Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State. Amongst the prayer request made were prayers for indigenes and people living in Ewuru community, prayer for God’s intervention over uncompleted road projects in Ewuru community, prayer for protection against premature death in Ewuru community, prayer  for appointment and empowerment of Ewuru children etc which were anchored by different clergymen.

The prayer meeting also featured a lecture by Barr. Lucky Egede titled “Personal Growth Through Service” presented by Mr. Godday Otele. Barr.  Egede, through the lecture, implored members of Ewuru community to live together in unity and open up their hands to receive visitors  in order to ensure development in the community.

The lecture reads in part, “One innate quality of everything that has life is the propensity to grow and increase. The growth we are talking about is not the physical increase in size but of the attainment of significance or relevance.

“We are created for communal living.  You cannot amount to anything or find significance all by yourself. Any community that stays by itself and does not receive visitors and strangers from various other places will continue to be a village with no significant development. We must open up our community to receive people from all over the world which is a service we can render as a people and allow interaction with various civilizations”.


He added that for people to become financially significant they need to train their mind, work hard, and learn to save, invest and identify investment opportunities

Mr. Ogwu Benjamin a retired police officer and an indigene of Ewuru disclosed to Ika Weekly reporter that the prayer meeting is an annual event that holds every Easter Monday to pray for God’s sustenance of life and for the betterment of Ewuru land. He added that it is inter denominational.

The high point of the prayer meeting was the anointing of Ewuru land and community members by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Akumabor.