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By Amos Chukwuekwu

The agrarian community of Owerre Olubor in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, on Friday February 3, 2023 stood still as late Ezinne Aida Nwafor Adiagwai (Nee Okwubuasi) was committed to mother earth.

Late Ezinne Aida Adiagwai died at the age of 127 years, and she is survived by a child (son) and grandchildren.

The burial ceremony which was the talk of the community, was graced by different dignitaries from within and outside the community.

The burial ceremony commenced on Thursday February 2, 2023 with service of songs at her residence 56 Etiti Street, Owerre Olubor, while the funeral service took place at St. Barnabas Anglican church, Owerre Olubor with many in attendance.

In his sermon, the bishop of Ika Diocese, Rt. Rev. Godfrey Ekpenisi stated that death remains a debt everyone must pay at the appointed time, saying that the number of years one lives on earth does not matter but said what matters is the destination of the person after death.

He affirmed that some are already a walking Corpse, especially the youths who are dying prematurely on daily basis because they have soiled their hands with evil and established a covenant with the devil.

Continuing, the bishop maintained that anyone who does not know Jesus is spiritually dead, saying that such person(s) will spend their eternity in hell.

He enjoined all present to disconnect themselves from anything that will hinder them from gaining entrance to the Kingdom of God.

Bishop Ekpenisi stated that the deceased diligently served the Lord during her time on earth, urging the family to follow the legacy their mother has left for them.


He noted that their service to God is never a waste, charging them to remain and serve the Lord with all their hearts and strength as He (God) will surely reward them on the last day.

Speaking with Ika Weekly Newspaper reporter shortly after his mother had been laid to rest in her family compound, Sir, Lay Reader Nnamdi Adiagwai JP said his late mother was truly a wonderful woman, noting that she treated everyone who knew her with respect, kindness, and grace deserving of any human.

He hinted that despite the fact that she died at 127, her passing on to the world beyond is still painful, saying that his late mother meant the world to him.

Sir, Lay Reader Adiagwai revealed that he is the only child of his late mother, saying that she was indeed a good woman in every way.

He added that his late mother was an epitome of a good woman, pointing out that he will greatly miss her.

He used the opportunity to appreciate everyone who came to join him to bid far well to his mother, praying God to bless and protect them as they go back to their various places.

According to her biography, late Ezinne Aida Nwafor Adiagwai was born to Mr. and Mrs. Okwubuasi of Umunwankpu and Idumu-Ubulu families respectively of Umunofo village, Owerre Olubor.

She completed her primary school at C.M.S primary school at Owerre Olubor and Akumazi Umuocha respectively.

As a youth, she was a leader of Girls’ guild before she got married, and she was a devoted Christian, successful trader and farmer.

As at the year 2022, late Ezinne Adiagwai was the only surviving child of her mother and was baptized and confirmed as an Anglican member.

Ezinne Adiagwai who died on Wednesday October 26, 2022, at the age of 127 years was at the time of her death the oldest person in Owerre Olubor community.

She was before her demise the coordinator of Anglican Church Women resident at Idumu-Etiti village.

Ezinne Adiagwai whose hobbies were singing, meeting people and counseling, was married to late Mr. Jason Ngadaonye Adiagwai.

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