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Nov 5, 2023


By Nicholas Ebegboni

It has been said that one’s family background is not what defines one but the value one adds to the lives of others is what makes one who one is or would become.

This statement was made by Mr. Christopher Morsi during the latest edition of Success Keys Master class, held Thursday, October 26, 2023, at the corporate office of Prince Paradise Global Concept (organizers of the event) No. 203 Old Lagos/Asaba Road, Boji-Boji,Owa, Ika Northeast Local Government Area of Delta State.

According to Mr. Morsi a lot of people think that it is their family background that would determine what they will become in life as he disabused people’s mind from that thought, affirming that it is the value one can bring to society that society pays for. Therefore, the one’s worth is determined by what one can give back to the society.

In his words, “Nigeria is a beautiful place to be. It is a training ground for exploit What you become in ten years’ time is your choice but ten years must surely come.

“You either decide to succeed or to fail, because whether you like it or not, ten years will be here,” he said.

He mentioned Strategic Relationship as one of the keys to succeed.

According to him, “You must invest in strategic relationship, as your network and people you associate with determines your net worth as well as what will become of you in future.


“Life is not all about what you know but also who you know, as such it is not advisable to take relationships for granted.

“People you know and associate with in life matters, since human beings do not live in isolation.

“Develop people who are coming up and maintain your relationship with those who are above you,” he said.

The resource person spoke extensively on the importance of time, ” Invest in time. If you lose money, you can get it back, but if you don’t make use of your time, you can’t get it back.

“People who travel by air understand the value of time that is why they decide to travel by air.”

“Time is important in human life and what you will become tomorrow depends on what you are doing today.

“How you spend your time, the activities you engage in, determine how your future will look like.”

He gave the four quadrants of time, which are, urgent and important, important not urgent, urgent but not important and not important and not urgent.

According to him, entertainment falls under quadrant four because it does not advance one’s time; the second quadrant is what matters to one’s development in life. This, he said, covers area of exercise, savings and eating good food. Also, according to him, the second quadrant activity entails discipline. He pointed out that nothing happens by chance, pointing out that whatever is happening today, people made it happen.

Mr. Morsi urged participants to invest in themselves, saying that anything that is happening to one is as a result of who one is. He stated that developing yourself to have a positive attitude toward life is very important and that one’s core values is what make one who one is.

“It is not your company that determines your salary, it is who you are; so, take the challenge of investing in yourself.

Education is never a scam; go back to school so as to develop your mind to become the wonder of the world.”

“The government is not the one to. develop you, because you are responsible for whatever that happens to you.

“Don’t look down on yourself; be the creator of your environment, not allowing your environment to define you,” he emphasised.

In addition, he revealed that Information Technology is taking over the global stage, he therefore, urged participants to acquire IT skills.

He then noted that for one to take advantage of the next ten years, there is need to develop some skills to sustain oneself.

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