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Jun 17, 2019

There was a great joy amidst praises to almighty God on June 9, 2019 at Jesus is the Key Deliverance Ministry, Ime-Obi, Agbor as one Apostle Emmanuel with his wife openly begged Prophet Chukwuka Otiti for forgiveness for threatening to kill him and also for slandering his name. The couple, who appeared sober during their open confession before the congregation, regretted their unwarranted and unruly attacks on Prophet Otiti a few years ago, disclosing that they were sorry for casting aspersions on Otiti.


In the words of Apostle Emmanuel, “My wife and I are here to apologize to the man of God, Prophet Otiti, for the wrong we did to him. A few years ago we offended him, abused and threatened his life. Since we got married things have not been working out as planned, hence, we decided to come to Agbor to beg Prophet Otiti for forgiveness. He is our father, we promise not to harm him in any way. We have met with him before now but he asked us to confess our attack on him before the entire church members that is why we are here. We are appealing to him to forgive us. We are deeply sorry for our actions.”

Prophet Otiti who spoke before the congregation said that Apostle Emmanuel was a visiting minister in his church from where he met the woman that has now become his wife.

According to Otiti, “Apostle Emmanuel was once a visiting minister in my church. During the period he was coming to my church I took very good care of him, we slept together in my room on one bed, he used my bathroom and enjoyed privileges a brother would enjoy. Trouble started when he asked me to counsel himself and the girl he met in my church that he was going to marry. I completely refused because he just met the girl and was talking about marriage. I refused to give them my support, advice or prayer. SEE ALSO:

When they pushed further I told them to meet another pastor that I do not support evil. That was my offense. This man (Apostle Emmanuel) declared war against me and threatened seriously to kill me. He told me that he has a prophet that he will hire to kill me. During the period he came to my church with his wife in pretence that they were around to invite me for their marriage ceremony, not knowing that they came for evil. They distracted one of my children they met at home that day and collected sand in my compound and zoomed off. Unfortunately for them, one of my members who were in the church saw them and reported to me.

Immediately after that incident my church suffered a great setback. I went into a strong spiritual battle asking God to fight for me. Recently, they came to me privately to say that they were sorry. I directed them to openly confess before the church. Now that they have confessed I have forgiven them but I will not have any dealing with them anymore.”

Speaking in an interview with the press, Apostle Emmanuel said that all that Prophet Otiti said was true. He promised not to speak bad or plan evil against the Prophet again. He thanked the church members and all persons who made the reconciliation a reality.

Prophet Otiti on his part led the congregation in a prayer session for Apostle Emmanuel and his wife. He thanked God for keeping him alive to witness the day.