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Jul 29, 2018

Fellow Nigerians I bring you greetings. Today Friday the 13th day of July 2018. You are here to witness a historic event. Today is the official declaration of restoration 2019 the birth of a new Nigeria. Today I officially declare my intention to contest for the seat of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2019 presidential election. Under the platform of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP). I am Dr (Mrs) Helen Ndidiamaka Godswill-Solomon. A Nigerian citizen from Agbor. Ika South of Delta state.

I am a lawyer called to the Nigerian Bar in 1992. Realtor and Property Consultant and Sales Director.


Ordained a minister of God in 2002. Commissioned Apostle in 2010. Teaching and preaching the word of God with signs following.

I am an Author of several books. Founder of US based apostolic/intercessory prayer ministry: Esther Generation Prayer Ministries and Resource Centers and co-founder of Grace Word Arena Church for all nations. Life Coach. Founder of DEL foundation for youths and women in leadership. Matron of Help for Victims of Matrimonial and Domestic Abuse/Violence Foundation.


A politician wife, home maker and mother of four children.

Tested, trusted and dependable. You can trust me

I am not groomed by any corrupt political god father so I am not going to recycle the old system.

I understand the problems of Nigeria and the need of the people of Nigeria and I promise to provide solutions.

I have lived and worked in the United States of America and as such I know the best practices as regards to good governance and citizenry. What worked in the Western world can work for us also. We will emulate the good and thrash the bad away to make Nigeria great and Nigerians in Diaspora all over the world can return home and we all will be proud of our nation.

I believe in the importance of quality life for the citizens of Nigeria and that will not be compromised.

I place great value for life, good security systems for the protection of my fellow citizens and the protection of the borders of our country Nigeria.

I know that good road, clean water, electricity, good infrastructure; good and affordable health care system and good quality education are not luxury services but essential basic services and amenities for the citizens that will be subsidized by government.

Affordable housing, employment and skill acquisition. Zero tolerance to corruption are part of my priority.

In my administration, the following reforms will be implemented: Immigration, retirement/pensions and police reforms. All our service, military and paramilitary people will be adequately compensated and provided for.

I believe in the Rule of Law, gender equality and justice for all.

I believe in the unity of Nigeria; the love for our country Nigeria and love for one another.

Above all, I reverence God, I love humanity, I love Nigeria and I will effect the quality of life that Nigerians deserve. I am ready to birth a new Nigeria.

Why should you vote for me?

Through effective and inspiring leadership, I will make Nigeria a country that will serve her young people. A country that will value the lives of all her citizens and prioritize everything about the people.

I will create a better life for the rural, less privileged, the unheard, the poor, and the masses of Nigeria.

I am a messenger and an advocate of hope, unity and restoration. A woman with a mandate to ensure that all the diverse tribes with our cultural differences are united in love for the nation, love for ourselves and love for one another. It is time for the youths, the women and the minorities to arise.

What do I mean by restoration 2019?

An administration that will implement true democracy, carry the masses along and bring in the new crop of young, talented & skilled commoners into the leadership and governance of Nigeria.

Build a new Nigeria where social justice and all amenities will benefit all not just only the rich and the corrupt. Every citizen of Nigeria will get what is due to him or her from the society, the government and the nation.

Poverty will be eradicated.

Illiteracy will be wiped out completely or reduced to the barest minimum.

Crimes will be abolished. Robbery, kidnapping, Tribal and religious wars will cease.

Corruption which is the biggest problem plaguing Nigeria will be tackled. Nigeria will become a secure and safe place for everyone to live. Indeed it is time for the emergence of a New Nigeria. Welcome to Restoration 2019! A new Nigeria is possible!!