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Aug 9, 2021
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The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Ika Chapter, on Saturday, August 1, 2021, held their annual outreach at the Golden Cocktail Hotel, Ime-Obi which received a massive turn up of personalities of varying fields of endeavor within and outside the chapter.

The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International according to the President of the Chapter, Dr. Shedrack Omumu is a membership-based organization including men and their wives and single men and ladies. Its vision is to shine the light of God forth to all men to every culture, nation, race, language, and creed. He further revealed that the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International (FGBMFI) is a fellowship that has nearly 10,000 chapters globally and 3,000 chapters in Nigeria; and spreads across over 160 nations of the world.

Giving his speech, Dr. Omumu noted that the fellowship is a fellowship that absorbs everyone irrespective of their businesses; so long it is a legitimate one as the members of the fellowship comprises of Politicians, Doctors, Engineers, Civil servants, Artisans and other fields of endeavour one makes ends meet with. He also disclosed that pastors are eligible to join, though may not hold elective positions.

While welcoming all present to the outreach, the president noted that Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International (FGBMFI) is a nondenominational fellowship but one that seeks the spiritual well-being and growth of its members, preaching the gospel of Christ to the world through their testimonies.

According to him, he was born into a polygamous home and his father a traditional doctor but was lucky to have a mother who was a Christian and always took them to Church and also, woke up every night to pray for them; hence, he grew up as an Anglican.

Speaking further, he revealed that it was through the mercy of God that he is where he is today, saying that without divine providence, he would have achieved nothing, as he could not further his education after he finished primary school. But through God’s mercy, he was awarded a scholarship which covered him from Secondary school and another scholarship too which saw him through university until he became a medical doctor, served his country and humanity and then, retired from active service, noted that while growing up, he followed his mother to church but had no personal relationship with God until he saw God’s marvelous light of redemption.


Giving his exhortation, the Guest Speaker, Dr. Ikeogwu Emeka while thanking members for the privilege to share the word of God with them, reiterated that the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International (FGBMFI) members are storytellers who propagate the gospel through their testimonies as ordinary humans whom God uses to do extraordinary works.

He noted that God in the past had spoken to His children through his prophets and tried drawing man close to Himself with punishments such as wars, locusts, famine, etc but man has remained stiff-necked to detects of God, instead, man has continued in their wickedness, oppression, and hatred, saying that all these, beat God’s heart.

Speaking further, he said after God saw the manner in which His people forsook His ways and raised idolatry; He was moved and sent Jesus Christ to redeem man.

He further noted that his life before he came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, was steeped in sin as he was both a drunk, smoker, and womanizer until Jesus shone His light of salvation on him and he became a changed man.

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