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Jul 9, 2018

I am using this letter to draw the attention of our Hon. Member representing the good people of Ika Federal Constituency, Hon. Victor Nwokolo to please believe and stand on equity, Because during 2015 electoral campaign at Ika National Hall, our great (Ekwueme) made it known to us including the Hon. member, that come 2019 Ika South should produce the House of Representative member and that Victor Nwokolo should not ask for a third tenure. This happened in the presence of many Ika leaders and stakeholders, though I know that according to our country’s constitution he has the right to vie but he should obey our great Ekwueme, because we know Ekwueme to be Ekwueme.

I want to ask Hon. Victor Nwokolo some questions;

  1. Are you saying that our Ekwueme is no longer Ekwueme? Because we all know that whatever he says is what he does and stand on.   Your   attitude   to   this   coming   election   is generating questions on Ekwueme stand on equity. With equity at state level Ekwueme became the governor of Delta State, with his exemplary leadership he was able to transform Delta State in general and Ika south in particular. I said it before, that Ika south has never had it so good before.
  2. What will be the position of Ika South in this forth coming general elections? Or are you trying to tell us that speaker of House of Representative is more than Governor of a State?
  3. Do you know because of equity so many people voted for you in 2011 and 2015, yes we did vote against our brothers and sisters, so I must stand to tell you the truth, because I love you so much, you are a nice man that has put food to so many families table.

Your seven years as a member of House of Representatives you have done well for the people of Ika Federal constituency. But you should give way for others to excel and add value to the lives of the good people of Ika Nation. If you can remember when Anioma people honoured our great Ekwueme for his good work done for Delta State our Ekwueme during his speech,  preached equity and that on equity he stands.

My advice to Hon. Victor Nwokolo is to please give equity a chance to reign in Ika nation and you should not give our good governor a bad name before the good people of Ika South because whatever you do today may stand in future for you. That is why, I will forever respect our Ekwueme. Please emulate Ekwueme and obey him because he is your leader and also our leader.




LONG LIVE P.D.P                                                                                                      Thanks

                             PETER ABIAMUWE

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