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Dec 20, 2018

Ethnic and Local Government elected officers of Host Communities of Nigeria (Producing Oil and Gas) were on Friday, December 7, 2018 inaugurated at the Ika National Hall, Agbor, Delta State.

The Chairman of Ika Ethnic Nationality of HOSTCOM, Comr. John-Hilary I. Ogwu, in his address, welcomed all present to the occasion and expressed enthusiasm over the day’s event which he described as unique especially for the fact that Ika ethnic HOSTCOM has despite the huddles and obstacles, been able to “emerge from the wrangling crises more united, stronger and ready to join forces with other ethnic nationalities in her quest to access our God given commonwealth for the good of all,” he said.IMG_20181207_132906 HOSTCOM INAUGURATES IKA ETHNIC CHAPTER EXECUTIVE

The achievements of Ika Ethnic HOSTCOM as enumerated by the Chairman are “the unification of factional tendencies of HOSTCOM in Ika land, PIGB Committee hearing participation at the National Assemby, Abuja (the PIGB is waiting accent by the President. Also participation during the public hearing on gas flaring penalty at the National Assembly, participation in a meeting with NNPC  General Manager Security where the issue of pipeline surveillance and intelligence gathering were discussed, appointment of SAs and waterways security officers and registration of Ika HOSTCOM Oil and Gas company.”IMG_20181207_132906 HOSTCOM INAUGURATES IKA ETHNIC CHAPTER EXECUTIVE

He however pointed out that there are some challenges which Ika Ethnic HOSTCOM is faced with. These according to him include; a logistic vehicle for the ethnic office, a befitting ethnic office and office equipments such as computers, photocopiers, laptops, etc. These, he said will help to facilitate office automation and good delivery of HOSTCOM’s aims and objectives for the good of all.

The aims and objectives of HOSTCOM as stated by the State Chairman, Snr. Evang. Gabriel Isibeluo in his speech, include the fight for the emancipation of the various communities that are exposed to oil and gas facilities, and to provide an enabling environment, devoid of rancor for the oil companies to operate effectively. According to him, “while we provide an enabling environment for oil companies to operate, they owe us the duty to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR),  which include supporting the government in creating good roads for Host Communities, the provision of scholarship to train our children to become professionals in the oil industry, amongst others.”

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Narrating the ordeals of Host Companies since the inception of oil drilling in Nigeria, the Chairman of the occasion, the Chairman of the occasion, Chief Dr. Emmanuel U. Tibi, the Ojenebo of Agbor Kingdom and former Provost of College of Education, Agbor, said, “I do not know whether the benefits we have derived from the availability of oil in our communities can equal the pains we go through in the course of oil being processed in our communities.

“Now, in the light of all that, Nigerians are  people who have trained their minds to focus on peace , so have come up with the concept of Host Communities with the view of bringing peace into the operation of oil.”

To be a member of HOSTCOM as stated by the State Chairman is to have and show an active interest in the activities of HOSTCOM and to become an ethnic officer requires a nomination by either a king or the President General of that community

The Ethnic Secretary, HOSTCOM, Comr. Collins Ozuor, expressed joy over his inauguration and pledged to carry out his duties effectively with commitment and dedication.

While thanking the State Executives for their magnanimity to Ika Ethnic HOSTCOM so far, the Ethnic Chairman, Comr. Ogwuh said like Oliver Twist, he is asking for more. He also extended his gratitude to the Royal Fathers and all their representatives, Chiefs and President Generals of various communities, other dignitaries and all who honoured the invitation to grace the occasion.