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Feb 18, 2018

A concerned citizen from Agbor Kingdom, Bishop Dr. Charles Ojewa, has issued an appeal for Ika South to produce the next member to represent Ika Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, Abuja. The Clergy made the appeal while speaking to the press after an inter-denominational prayer held at Ika South Local Government Council recently.THERE WILL BE GREAT CONFLICT IN IKA LAND OVER HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE POSITION – Baba Fire

He explained that the need for their sister local government area, Ika North East, to jettison the plan to produce the next House member in the forthcoming general election, 2019, is very important, noting that this would help to sustain the unity among the two local government areas; Ika South and Ika Northeast.

His words: “it is of a truth that the man currently representing Ika Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber, Rt Hon. Victor Nwokolo has done so well to give the people effective representation. He is a good man and had carried both local government areas along. But for me, I am making this appeal because of the sustainability of oneness among both Local Government Areas.

“Ika South should be given the opportunity to produce the next House of representative member also because in all fairness it is their turn. The man presently seated on that position who is from our sister local government will be completing 8 years, that is two tenures in office by next year while the people of Ika South suffer in silent.

“If you look critically, you will observed that both the present and past administration, majority of the leaders gain their votes from Ika south and it could also be recalled that during Governor Okowa’s town hall meeting with the people of Ika South, he had noted in all fairness that it was the turn of Ika South to produce the next House of Rep. member.

“Therefore, my appeal is not of a personal interest because I don’t want to contest, rather for the concern person (s) to be fair irrespective of the believe that Ika North East is more populated than that of Ika South.”