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Sep 29, 2019

Our personality of the week is Hon. Ika Etumuse, a proud indigene of Igbodo and Ika nation based in Houston, Texas in the U.S.A

In this Interview with Lawrence Uche, Hon. Ika Etumuse, shares his experience as an Igbodo Development Union leader, relationship with the people of Igbodo land and love for Ika nation. He also talked about his yet to be published book and other issues.

Can we meet you sir?

I am Hon/Chief Ika Etumuse from Igbodo, Ika North East, Local Government Area, Delta State, currently based in Houston, Texas USA. I was born and raised at Igbodo by Mr. /. Nwachukwu and Mrs. Grace Etumuse

Tell us about your parent?

My father, Nwachukwu Etumuse alias N27E was from Ndobu Quarters in Igbodo and was the Ogene of Idumu-edo before he passed unto glory. My Dad was the Igbodo football team best goalkeeper with Jersey number 27. The N represent Nwachukwu, 27 his goalkeeper number while E stands for Etumuse. My Dad was tall and hardly could a striker put the ball behind him. My mother, Madam Grace Ifeme Etumuse was also from Ndobu Quarters and was a trader shuttling from Igbodo to Onitsha Market while we were growing up before the Nigerian Civil War between 1967 and 1970.

Hon. Ika Etumuse, tell us about your early days and education

I attended Orie Primary School in Igbodo and finished in 1972, the headmaster then was Mr. Obi from Aniyeme Quarters in Igbodo and in my final year I was made the Assistant Monitor. After my primary school, I went to Lagos where I stayed with my elder brother for about three years. I returned to Igbodo in 1976 and attended Ute-Okpu Grammar school. After graduation in 1981, I returned to Lagos since I could not get admission immediately because of financial constraints. In Lagos, I looked for a job any Secondary School graduate could apply for and fortunately I got one with British-America Insurance Company (BAICO) at Sangross area of Lagos Island. While I was in BAICO, I was able to attend the University of Lagos and studied Business Administration from 1996 to 2001, finished the program but did not graduate because of very few “carry over” courses, until I got a Visa to travel to the United States. During my time at Baico, I rose to the position of Senior Administrative officer.

I was still in BAICO when I was elected president of Igbodo Development Union (IDU) Lagos branch. During my tenure as the president of IDU Lagos branch, I got invited to accompany my king, the Obi of Igbodo His Royal Majesty Albert Sunday Iyeke 111 to the USA, myself and late Prof. Alfred Chukwudi Unomah, the Okilolo of Igbodo who used to be the Provost of College of Education Warri. I travelled in 2004 to attend the IDU North America 2004 Convention with HRM and Professor Unomah. Obi Albert Sunday Iyeke, father of the present Igbodo King happened to be the first Obi of Igbodo to travel abroad.

It wasn’t my intention to stay back in the USA but being a first time traveler two weeks after the convention, when someone asked me to show him my passport so that he can see how many months I was stamped in, I discovered to my surprise that I was stamped in for only two weeks just because I told the immigration officer at the airport that I was attending IDU Convention. Since I have already over stayed my stamp in period of two weeks, I have no option than to stay back and pursue the popular American Dream.

I struggled and I attended National American University where I studied Management and graduated/obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Management with 3.31 GPA. I worked very hard, doing businesses and partnering with other organizations. All these times, I have remained in close touch with my people – The Ika People, particularly the Igbodo Community in the United States, by joining both Associations and attending almost every bi-annual Conventions in any part of the States in USA.

From what you have told us, you seem to have risen very fast in Igbodo Development Union (IDU), what would you attribute to that?

I would simply attribute it to patriotism and perhaps my record of meeting participation. For the members of Igbodo Development Union (Lagos Branch) to have recognized me, it’s a big honor for me. I was not even the president when I was nominated to represent Igbodo people at Ika group of leaders meeting which used to hold in Festac Town Lagos residence of late Sir SPO Fortune Ebie, the first Head Collective Leadership then. I was selected from IDU Lagos Branch Meeting to be part of the Founders of that Ika group of leaders (Onu-Ika) the mouthpiece of Ika People that is now known as Onu Ika Nigeria, with its annual general meeting called “Ogwa-Ika.” My passion for Igbodo Kingdom and my outspokenness, and most importantly God, I would say brought me this far.

Hon. Ika Etumuse, how did you emerge President of Igbodo Development Union?

I was the youngest president Igbodo Development Union Lagos branch ever had as at that 20 years ago and I had obvious passion for the development of Igbodo Community burning inside of me. I can recall that when I was about to contest, I was attracted to many members because of my manifesto that stated clearly what I wanted to do for my people and this further endeared me to them. I told them in my manifesto that “Whenever we go home to Igbodo from Lagos, and we get to Agbor, at Uromi Junction, we see commerce thriving, at Ekuoma, the area is busy with activities, and Umunede already lighted up with trailers/traders and large number of people buying and selling, embracing commerce thereby bringing development to their communities, but in the case of Igbodo, it is not so, there is nothing like people buying or selling along the road except on Orie market day. You will find a stretch or large layout of abandoned lands.” So I told them that I want Igbodo to open up and be known to the world and declared that I want to change that status quo meaning that I would rebuild the Orie Market facility if elected the President of IDU, Lagos branch.

Most of the elders in the union, bought my idea and I was endorsed by most of the members to become the president. That was how I contested and I won!

During your tenure as the president, did you achieve your aim of building the Orie market in Igbodo?

Yes and no. We organized a launching for the project, I appointed a committee who visited Igbodo from Lagos to inspect the Orie market land that was made available. They went with  HRM the Obi’s delegates including myself, Chief Martins Azikiwe, late Prince Justin Actor Iyeke and some others that followed us for the architectural and building designs.

During our Market Project Launching at Airport Hotel, Lagos many people showed interest and attended, donated money but promised to redeem the financial commitment and pledges as soon as the project takes off in Igbodo. All these plans and preparations including the fund raising event happened before my departure to the USA. When we were about to begin the project, my visa to attend the IDU North America 2004 Convention in the United State was ready and I had to travel before deadline stated on the passport, so I handed over the meeting and the project to my vice president Mr. Sunday S. Jikeme and the working project committee constituted and put in place before traveling out to attend the Igbodo Association USA 2004 Convention in Dallas Texas USA.

While I was in the States, I started pushing for my vice and committee members in IDU, Lagos to reach out to the big donors so as to begin the project in earnest, but since I wasn’t there physically the report or response I got was that those who promised donations during the fund raising were not responding to calls and that they could not do anything without funds. They complained that no funds have been received and that work could not start.

Instead of them to make efforts on how to retrieve the funds from those who promised or even start up the project with the little amount left in the account, they were busy probing my tenure. It is normal, necessary and democratic for a leader to always give account of every financial and administrative decision and always be available for audit so as to ensure transparency and accountability in leadership and this was why at the end of the launching and after several other events of the IDU sequel to that, before my eventual departure to USA, I gave account of the total income and expenditure of the Union. The launching committee did their financial report and submitted to the house, the house debated the report which gave detailed income and expenditure of which they arrived at a shortfall of N5, 000 (Five thousand Naira) to be refunded to the Union, BUT THE OVER ALL PICTURE indicated that we made profits of over N2Million from the launching after the big fishes made good their pledges and promises. The launching report was therefore approved by me as the President following motion moved and supported to the satisfaction of the IDU Lagos branch members.

My team and I were praised for transparency after the launching report was presented and accepted by the house and members were happy. While I traveled, my vice president deputized me for about a year until a new president was elected after the union received my letter informing them of my decision to stay back in the USA due to circumstances. Surprisingly the new president discarded the committee’s report, appointed a new committee to look into the launching report again and made himself the chairman. His name is Barr. Uzoma Azikiwe and was the president of IDU Lagos branch for about 10 years before elections were held for him to leave office.

The new committee he constituted came up with a report that shortfall or money missing from the launching was about N300,000 and not N5,000 as reported by the launching committee. We argued this matter for about 5 years through correspondence back and forth. I was sent a letter from IDU Lagos branch during one of our IDU North America Conventions in Maryland, threatening Interpol and all sort of name callings if I don’t return all the money I embezzled or stole from IDU Lagos Branch. I was even confused as I was more shocked to read their letter where they demanded that the money I would pay back to IDU, Lagos branch had increased to N520,000 as interest of about 400% amounting to N220,000 had accrued on it. I do not even know how they came about the N300,000 not to talk of the N220,000 interest that they were now adding to the principal amount. Even the President, Uzoma Azikiwe’s elder brother, chief Martins Azikiwe who brought the letter to me at the Convention told the Chiefs and Elders there that himself who is a Chartered Accountant with all his working experiences with Central Bank of Nigeria and NDDC had never seen where they imposed or applied interest of 400% for a missing amount, more so an amount which was almost equal to the total cost of the entire launching expenditure, does that mean that the former President only took the whole money or which money was used to prosecute the launching event? Chief Martin Azikiwe, the Aninweze of Obior Kingdom queried.

I fought and argued it for a while until my wife got tired and asked me to just give them the money and let God be the judge. That was how and when I started sending them the money from here in U.S, until I paid N520,000 to IDU Lagos Branch within one year and with an extra N50,000 naira for goats and drinks as fine. In their acceptance letter and oral message to me through my Ndobu Quarter Meeting in Lagos Delegates who went to IDU Lagos Meeting on my behalf, the Igbodo Meeting in Lagos said they prayed for me to be competing with Obama and that my seat as their former President was now reserved for me to sit down anytime I come to Nigeria and attend the meeting.

But the painful aspect is that with the full repayment of this huge amount of money from one individual of a Town meeting in Lagos, the money I see as “donation” to IDU Lagos under the leadership of Barr. Uzoma Azikiwe, IDU Lagos Branch has till date not erected any structure or donated money to towards Igbodo Orie Market upgrade. The question now remain Where is the N570,000 (Five hundred and seventy thousand naira) collected from Ika Etumuse, former President of IDU, Lagos branch between 2002 to 2004, and where is the market today?

I appreciate the effort of political office holders and business men and women who are sons and daughters of Igbodo land and who have contributed immensely to the new look that the market is wearing today. Igbodo sons like Hon. Barr. Victor Nwokolo, Ika Federal House Representative in the Green Chambers and Deacon Mathew Okwaje, the President General, IDU Worldwide who have been very supportive financially and administratively towards the reconstruction and remodeling the market which is wearing a new look today along the busy Benin Asaba Expressway, so I’m happy that my vision for the market has been granted by God.

Hon. Ika Etumuse, we know you are writing a book titled “Ika FIRST Achievers & Events” What can you tell us about the book?

Yes, the book is a Compendium of Ika First Achievers & Events and it’s designed and customized to recognize, honor and document for history and posterity all Ika Sons and Daughters who have made FIRSTS in their various fields of human/life endeavors.

The book is dedicated to all Ika People and the target audiences are the People of Ika Origin, their families, in-laws and friends. We have Traditional Rulers, Chiefs, Top Military officers, Scholars, Honorable members, Business Moguls, Industrialists, Politicians, Administrators, Newspaper Publishers/Media Gurus, Drs., Civil Servants, Farmers and others documented in the book as the Ika FIRSTS Achievers. The book has attracted unprecedented attention across Ika nation, and making waves nationally and internationally.

This book also described and documented the events that have taken place in Ika land over the years for their significance in history. Nick-named the “Ika Guinness book of Records” the book is expected to be launched and available to the public in December 2019. It would appear in color pictures and on hard-cover by the grace of God.

How did you conceive the idea of the book?

I conceived the idea to write the book “Ika First Achievers & Events” when I saw a face-book chat where some Ika people  discussed on the oldest reigning king, oldest man, oldest school, how different people from Ika founded or emerged first  to do certain things in life, the youngest King in Ika like the Dein of Agbor and  the First Ika King to become a Lawyer and called to the Nigerian Bar like my King, the Obi of Igbodo, I then contributed to the chat that Orie primary School was the oldest primary school in Ika land having been built in 1903.

I followed up that idea and interest. The following week or two by calling the poster of the discussion Solomon Omojie to tell him that I was writing a book on Ika First Achievers & Events and that it’s not just about Ika Sons and  Daughters who were  lecturers, managing directors of  companies or Ika People occupying positions but a comprehensive documentation of Ika People who have actually made first in their chosen fields of life endeavour .He liked the Idea and asked if I can actually  do that, I said yes because I have written a book on the History of Igbodo  before.

After about a year he called me to ask about the book? I replied that I was on it and sent him pages of the book, he was so surprise to see  that I have designed and customized the book to feature Ika Firsts Achievers with photos and from across all professions. When he saw the first set of entry pages of few people in picture format, he said WOW, this is creative and great. At this point I requested if he would like to be a Co-author of the book and he agreed.

My face-book friend Solomon Omojie who I chose as my co-author is also a historian and we began to scan through the 11 kingdoms of Ika land to dig out the first persons from archive in different fields of life endeavors within Ika land.

To the glory of all mighty God, the book has been destined to make history by serving as a watershed to recognize the deserving Ika Sons and Daughters who are “Champions” and have helped to promote Ika’s good image across the globe. The book has gone through proof-reading and editing by Online Professional/Expert, and in no distant time, it would be PRINTED and fully ready for publications.

What is the true position of the book in terms of factuality?

The position of the book we would want to leave it at the prerogative of the author (myself) who is the main author and brain behind the idea/vision and concept. It would be washed with different ideas and opinions if everyone has to contribute. I made sure that the names involved are based on merit and not on sentimental basis. The book contains names of Ika people that in facts and credence were FIRSTS to do certain wonderful deeds or achieve wonderful unprecedented feats in their various fields of human/life endeavors. Although it has taken 2 years and 6 months to make the book, we are enthusiastic and hopeful that the book will be launched successfully in December by God’s grace.

You are the convener of “Ika People Worldwide” an online platform that has brought numerous Ika People together. How did you come about this?

That’s a great question. It is simply the passion that I have for my people. The desire to convene the Ika People Worldwide (IPW) was motivated by the “unity” that was so needed to keep our people together or in touch with one another irrespective of political or religious affiliations. I wanted a Platform that would not have the usual common whatsapp group characteristics so I came up with the idea to fashion out the Platform with a difference, whereby politics and religious differences will not play out but a gathering that will be all about the growth and development of Ika nation.

By the grace of God, it had been firmly and cautiously monitored so as not to deviate from the real goal and objective. It’s not really a difficult task to manage the Platform because most of the Ika people on the platform are very educated, civilized and gifted with wisdom too. Suffice to say with all humility that we are lucky and proud to have almost all Ika men and women of timber and caliber on the platform.

Is IPW meant for only Ika people?

Yes it is for Ika people either you are a bonafide Ika man or woman, or you were born in Ika land. But we also extended membership to a few people from neighboring communities in Anioma such as Onitcha-Ugbo, Igbanke, Issele-Uku, Obior, Ogwashi-Uku as they are considered brothers and sisters of Ika land. Although they are few in number, about two percent of the Population fall under this category of non Ika indigenes in the Platform.

How are you able to monitor the platform, read all write-ups, write comments, write books for publications and still do your personal job to make your daily earnings in the U.S and where does your energy come from?

Thank you for that question. Well first of all, I give God the glory for the energy and wisdom. Sometimes it is very tough because I need to attend to so many other things, my business, my children and other commitments. I simply owe all the energy and willpower to God. Second of all, I often create time so that I could use it to do important things such as time needed to glance or read posts being discussed on the platform and also to contribute my opinion or take decisions.

What do you think you can do along with other Ika citizen abroad to help bring industries and create employment for Ika people?

We are going to use all opportunities available to us in the Diaspora to bring about necessary changes and make that vision a reality. The IPW platform will do her utmost best to canvass for these kinds of development in Ika nation, by having people of influence particularly in business and politics reason together and possibly make that inevitable dream come through by the grace of God. I believe that when the right time comes, we have the people who will hit the right buttons. We have activated our mode as a pressure group and will continue to be actively advocating/talking with the government to help bring industries to Ika land create jobs for people of Ika nation.

At 59 you have done and achieved so much, would you accept to be called a highflyer?

Oh thank you very much, I can say yes and happy to claim it because I believe it’s all by the grace of God. It is not about my efforts, it is just about God. It has been 17years of my stay in the USA and I am still very conversant with happenings and events in my hometown because I visit Nigeria and spend time with my people in Igbodo and Ika land. I even believe that my patriotism is what must have endeared my traditional ruler HRM Barr. Ikechukwu Nkeobikwu Osedume 1, JP the Obi of Igbodo to honor me with a social Chieftaincy title which I will be doing the ceremony before Easter of next year 2020 by the grace of God.

How do you feel over the achievements and the new title you have just been given?

It’s wonderful I must confess because I didn’t see it coming. Our King has not given out Social Chieftaincy title to anyone since his coronation 11 good years ago, and I happened to be the very first in Ika to be so honored so I feel really good and happy. I bless God and I am ready to do more for Igbodo and Ika people to the glory of God. I am very grateful to my King for the chieftaincy title he has given to me and a friend, another Igbodo man here in the  U.S.A Chief Chuck Ogbu who is based in Dallas Texas. We are the only two people pronounced as Igbodo Social Chiefs by HRM in a stakeholders meeting called at Igbodo back in April of this year.


He probably had seen my contributions to the kingdom one way or the other before deciding to give me such honor. I really appreciate my King and full of gratitude to him. But the truth is that I am yet to choose a name/greeting for my Chieftaincy or make it official even though I have one already in mind, and also yet to have the ceremony done at home in Igbodo. As a social chief I have to choose my title/greetings, and I am taking my time to make a choice out of about three available names at my disposals, and will make it official and public then the ceremonies would follow suit.

What Religion do you profess?

I am a Christian, baptized in Anglican church at Igbodo, but over here in the USA, I worship with the Redeemed Christian Church of God and most of the time I go down on my knees to pray and appreciate my God.

How united are Ika people over there in America and Houston where you are based?

Ika people are very united and cooperative here in the United States. The President of Ika Association is Dr David Solomon, we have Ika Convention on a bi-annual basis i.e., every two years and it is always a large convergence of patriotic Ika Sons and Daughters with their in-laws and friends resident in America with few guests invited from Nigeria. SEE ALSO:PERSONALITY: DEIN OF AGBOR IS MY BROTHER – Owa Monarch

Narrowing it down to Houston in Texas, our President for Ika Association Houston Chapter is Dr. Paul Okpuzor. But we also have Agbor Association in Houston. They’re the host chapter of this year’s Agbor Association USA 2019 Convention taking place on Saturday September 21, 2019 in Houston Texas. There is unity among Ika people in the USA except that some young ones do not fully participate in the meetings and some of them don’t understand Ika language because they are not interested in the gatherings of their people and so it has become a duty for all parents to admonish their children on the importance of our meetings so that they can take over from us when we can no longer continue to hold the meeting.


You are writing a book on “Ika FIRSTS Achievers & Events, what would you say have been your achievements in Igbodo land?

Well I have authored a book titled “History of Igbodo” and it has been listed on Amazon.com and by so doing I have opened and projected Igbodo Kingdom to the world. I have also contributed to the growth and development of my Kingdom because I donate money to road projects, sponsor musicians one of them -Onyeogani Osadebe aka OSANKWA Igbodo, sponsor the Geen House of Mary & Martha Juniorate Convent School Igbodo as one of the School Patrons for the yearly Inter-House Sports, and my patriotism to Igbodo land is a contribution to Igbodo growth and development in my own view.


In your own capacity, what have you done to improve the lives of people in Igbodo and Ika nation at large especially the youths?

I have been doing a lot in terms of motivation and guiding the youths, when recently Comr. Blessing Okonta contested for the President of National Association of Ika Students (NAIS), I supported him with cash donation and has continued to play advisory role to Ika Students and youths. I have plans also to create centers for skill acquisition if God bless me with money, so as to disorient our youths who travel illegally through dangerous sea to Europe and other Countries that are worse than Nigeria in search of greener pastures.

I am always coming up with ideas for Ika nation and I believe sooner or later, I would come up with something that would benefit the youths. I want to mention that I have also supported few Ika Sons/Daughters going for one political position or the other whenever they reach out to me for donations. I don’t own a Foundation where corporate bodies and influential individual donate money to fund projects but I will always do my best for my people. I am not a poor man but at the same time not a rich man.


Tell us about your nuclear family

Okay, I am blessed with a wonderful easy going beautiful wife and we have four lovely children three boys and a girl. We got married in 1994 and my wife is Mrs/Deaconess Pat Etumuse. She hails from Asaba, in Delta State.

What do you do for a living in the U.S.

I am in business, partnering with IDOFED International Oil and Gas services as Director of Marketing. I also do other businesses nere in the U.S.A and also in Nigeria.

Do you have mentors,Hon. Ika Etumuse?

Yes, late Diokpa Sir Fortune Ebie the Pioneer Head Collective leadership of Onu-Ika is my mentors. He was so full of humor and Wisdom and he was the Chairman during the launching of my first book “Igbodo History” which took place at Delta Kitchen in Surulere Lagos in year 2010. Another person that inspires and encourages me is Diokpa  Dr. Thomas Alika. He is based here in Houston Texas, and a member of Ika Assocaition USA, Houston branch.


Advise to Nigeria Politicians?

I feel honestly that they should do more for the people of Ika nation, Delta State and Nigeria in general without minding the Political Party they are representing. They should know that all Ika people expect from them is service delivery which is their democratic dividends. Politicians elected into office should be focused and work for the people and not for their pocket. The development of their constituencies must be their primary concern and top priority. As a Governor, Local Government Chairman or whichever position one holds, he/she is expected to do something meaningful and be accountable to the people.

Are you satisfied with the state of Governance in Delta State and Nigeria?

I would say not totally because not much has been done for the benefits of the people in the rural areas. Until the people in the rural communities begin to enjoy basic amenities such as clean water and constant electricity then I would agree that the governments in both state and federal level have done very well. But I’m going to use this medium to specifically draw the attention of the Executive Governor of Delta State, Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa to the bad state of NDOBU Road stretching from Igbodo Market ending at a “Y” shape junction left leading to Ndobu New State and right heading to Idumu-Nkoko. Such a major/important road or street that has existed for 100 years need to be TARRED and beautified as one of Governor Okowa’s memorable legacies in IGBODO/IKA land. Like Oliver twist, I also want to call on the Governor to help tar the palace road with light to the palace of my king the Obi of Igbodo before his tenure expires. Other Political Office Holders can decide to do something to positively impact the lives of people in their various communities not waiting for the government to do everything. If each political office holder can do something that can help to alleviate the problems of their local communities, then, Nigeria will be a better place.

What is your take on the Xenophobic Violence,Hon. Ika Etumuse?

I have aired my opinion on that through different online platforms especially the “Ika People Worldwide” platform. I have condemned the action of South Africans that took part in that violent attack and the silence of their government forgetting so soon the assistance of Nigerians and the efforts of Nigerian Government to the liberty they enjoy today. I pray that the African Union (AU) and other countries’ interfere and ensure that this kind of wicked act does not happen again within two African sister countries. I must advise that before more lives are lost, if the two countries cannot come to terms on a solution, Nigeria government should find a means to quickly evacuate our citizens from there back to Nigeria as many of them will be willing to return home but are unable to do so due to financial constraints. Thank God that the Managing Director/CEO of Air Peace Nigeria Mr. Allen Onyema ha gracefully waded in with a whooping to evacuate Nigerians cut in the cross fire of the Xenophobia taking place in South Africa.

How do you relax, Hon. Ika Etumuse,?

Well often time I try to relax, have fun with my family and make out time to catch some sleep outside my working/meeting hours but I must say that the urgency and nature of “Things on my to do list” makes normal 8 hours recommended sleeping hours very difficult to keep. On the other hand, some people are natural gifted to go without sleeping or keep late at nights than others and I believe that I belong to this group of people. But in sincerity, it’s somehow difficult to have enough rest or relaxation because I always have something to do or to take care of, meaning that I don’t sleep when I have not done what I have to do. Most times my wife has to appeal to me to just take a while and rest, to sleep and forget about my phone or a few things I am yet to do before the day ends. She knows that I always got up to look at the phone to check what’s going on IPW Platform and also stays late before coming to join her on the bed.

Hon. Ika Etumuse, your advice for youths?

I will advise the youths to stop engaging in suicide missions such as going through the Mediterranean Sea to Europe because those who survives the horrific journey are at the mercy of God. The chances of survival are very few, among 10 persons who attempt the risk, only one or two might eventually survive it. They should try and avoid risks of going on the trip through Libya as it is a journey of death and not for greener pastures. For those involved in internet fraud, they are only bringing shame to themselves and their families and bad names/images to our country Nigeria. I think that many of them do not care about the consequences. They come with the mindset that they will do any illegal thing or business to make money quick money and the worst that will happen is that they will be jailed or killed. Some of the youths traffic drugs and human beings for sex slaves while others engage in credit card fraud and other criminal activities like 419 once they’re outside our country Nigeria. All these crimes are not just limited to youths, some are sponsored by most influential directors and CEO’s of companies and I think that people are becoming so wicked these days that they don’t care about the implications of their actions. I therefore urge our youths to endeavor to learn any form of trade or further their education for a better life.

Hon. Ika Etumuse, what legacy would you like to be remembered for?

I prefer to be remembered when alive than when I am gone. I will however like to be remembered especially as one who contributed his “all” will and might to the growth and development of his people.

If you were to live your live all over again, would you like to change anything you have done,Hon. Ika Etumuse, ?

No I would like to be an Ika man, an Igbodo man and a community leader. I am a proud Ika person. I will like to do all I did over again.

  1. I have read the entire autobiography and the interview questions and comments. I know Cheif Ika Etumusiae very well and I follow him closely. The autobiography is true and very satisfying. I Bishop Ezekiel Iyeke approved this message.

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