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The rumour of the demise of the father to the Delta State Governor, Sir, Chief Arthur Okorie Uzorma Okowa, the Okparan Uku of Idumebor , Owa Alero, has for some weeks now been hovering the air with many speculations and embellishments from rumuormongers. While some said he died at home after a brief illness, some others said he passed on in Asaba while being treated of the novel coronavirus. Some even went as far as colouring the hearsay by adding that the State Governor, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa is waiting for the lockdown to be over in order to give his father a befitting burial.

While the origin of this expensive bruit remains unknown, the subject, Sir Chief Arthur Okorie Uzorma Okowa has asked that the rumourmongers be told that he is at home, hale, hearty and alive.

According to Pa Arthur Okowa, the octogenarian in an interview with Ịka Weekly newspaper reporter, which took place in his house at Idumebor Quarters, Owa Alero, on Sunday June 14, 2020, people of goodwill should not  entertain any fear, because nothing of such has happened.


His words, “This, no doubt is the heartless wish of envious ones. But, no one says a thing and it comes to pass except God allows it. I am not dead.  I am alive, hale and hearty. Tell them I am here. People of goodwill should entertain no fear. God has been prolonging my days for His reason and purpose and I will on my own part ensure I constantly key into Godʻs plan and be of service to my God and humanity.  I thank all those who are praying for me and wishing me alive.

“I know so many persons still want me alive, even, the Archdeacon of my church, St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Ven. J.O.C.  Adudu said that he would be there at my 100 years birthday anniversary.  So, many people are still wishing me good, despite the fact that there are some out there who for no just cause have made themselves enemies of the light.  I do not have anything against them, I only pray that God should arrest their hearts so that they will repent and come to the light which Jesus has shown us. That is the only way out in this evil world. The Lord God said that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but, the Lord God saves them from them all.

“Any evil intention anyone has toward me, will definitely not materialise, because there is none greater than the God whom I serve. I am proud to say that I am Okpanran-uku in Christ. I am a unique person.  I think this may be the reason haters hate me; because I am bringing Christianity into tradition. But, I don’t care, because it is my duty to bring in Christ into everything I do,“ he said.

Also speaking, Hon. Greg Egwu revealed that he had had over fifty calls from people who are eager to know if the rumour was true. According to him, “I have had so many calls to this effect; both within and outside the country. But, by the grace of God, as you can see, our father, Pa Arthur Okowa is very much alive. Whoever it is that started this rumour and those spreading it as well, should please call it a quit. It is a very expensive one.  If they don’t stop, they are calling early death upon themselves, because what you wish someone will definitely come to you. We still need Pa Okowa here for both spiritual and moral advice. He is a father to us all, and we pray that God should keep him for us.”

Alex Chukwutemudeanwun lending his voice to it, said, “Pa Arthur Okowa is as strong as a rock. The Venerable that preached in church today said, ‘those who wish him dead will be alive when I will conduct his 100 years birthday anniversary.’ It will come to pass in Jesus name. If you wish someone good, good will come to you. If you wish someone evil, evil will certainly come to you. So then, those who wish him long life and good health will have same. And for those who cannot bear to see him live long and strong, they are calling death to themselves.”

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