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The gubernatorial candidate of the Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) in Delta State, Mr. Richard Kimeku Okpegwa, a technocrat, has said the forthcoming general elections will be a turning point for the people of Delta State as they will be set free from poverty and slavery they have been subjected to by the ruling class, declaring that he will be elected and will be sworn in as the governor of Delta State on 29th May, 2019.

Speaking at the stakeholders meeting of the party in Asaba, Kimeku Okpegwa noted that the people of Delta State are tired of PDP government because they have failed to provide leadership, stressing that the 2019 election will be a referendum where the people will have the opportunity to decide whether to remain backward or to move forward.

He observed that Delta State is so rich but yet remain backward, insisting that he will correct the ills in the system when he is sworn in as the governor in May 2019.

“The future is so dark that nobody is sure of anything. We have gone so low to the extent that we don’t even know that there is something wrong with governance of the state. What we are suffering is another form of slavery, and except you belong to a clique nothing gets to you. I am challenging the system because of the slavery in the land. Leadership is about the people. There is something worst than corruption in Delta, it is mediocrity, STC that is Starved To Compliance.”

Kimeku Okpegwa regretted that our common wealth have been stolen by the ruling class who only release peanuts during elections, challenging Deltans to open their eyes to the understanding of the injuries the ruling class have inflicted on them.

According to the governorship candidate; “I am skilled in Public Finances and Administration, when I become the governor I will prioritize by programme. My administration will impact on every stakeholders in the state, and I will focus on the economic empowerment of the grassroots.”

Continuing Kimeku Okpegwa said, all Deltans are entitled to the common patrimony accrued to the state but unfortunately the reverse is the case. The purpose of leadership is the utilization of the resources for the benefit of all but in Delta the cabal has held the citizens hostage for almost twenty years. The citizens are living like orphans in the state but do not lose faith because the DPP being the main force has come to your rescue, we must work hard to be in government house and I can assure you that I am the next governor of Delta State.” He added.

Earlier, the Chairman of the DPP in the state, Mr. Okpegwa Abel said;“For 20 years, we have bared PDP enough. When you make a mistake for the first time, you may have excuses, but when you continue to make that mistake, then you should bear the consequences. Therefore, I want to beg everyone, this is the time to go back to work, we must work hard and we shall be meeting on regular basis to review our strategies. Our party is still open for genuine aspirants that can fly the party flags in their constituencies ahead of the 2019 elections.”

He said; “We are telling them that, we are not in this contest to be settled. We are not in this contest just to get relevance, we are not in this contest to say we are alive but we are in this contest to save Delta State from bad leadership, because for 20 years, there is nothing on ground to show for all the allocations given to this state.

Okpegwa while encouraging electorate in the State to vote for the DPP, he harped that, “Human beings can be so wicked to one another and I want to say to the downtrodden, please, this is not time for you to sell your votes, the votes you sold four years ago, where has it taken you to? We have a candidate that will offer genuine leadership to the masses. What we are begging you is your votes and DPP will not disappoint you.”

He called on party faithful to work in unity saying; “When we come together as one indivisible family, then I believe we can face the Mountain. Let us have the determination the people of Israel had when building the Tower of Babel, when they were determined to see God and with determination we can get there. Come February 2019, we shall be celebrating more than this. Victory is ours, the people are waiting for us.” Okpegwa stated.

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