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I POSSESS 199 POWERS – Ekwueme 1 of Akumazi Kingdom

Mar 13, 2023


Says, My Snake Eye, Symbol of Membership Of A Sect

By Nicholas Ebegboni

Chief Dr. Yomi Oduselu Hassan is a renowned trado- medical practitioner and the Ekwueme 1 of Akumazi Kingdom is known for his simple and selfless lifestyle. Chief Dr. Hassan  is a businessman cum philanthropist.

In this exclusive interview, he granted our reporter, he talked about his background, educational background, work, expertise in life, societal issues, and matters relating to the just concluded 2023 Nigeria’s presidential and national assembly election.


Enjoy reading.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Chief Dr. Yomi Oduselu Hassan. I am a trado-medical practitioner, the Ekwueme 1 of Akumazi Kingdom.

I was born into the Gbelegwa Royal family in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. My mother was from a royal family in Kwara State.

My father was a kola nut Merchant. He had seven workers who worked for him. In those days, they would trek to Gold Coast to sell kola nuts for my father. The money in those days was in cowries and British coins. My father would ask me to count the money, and from there I started learning. My father had seven wives and my mother was the last wife

How many siblings do you have, and what’s your position?

Ans. I was born eighty-two years ago. November 2, 1940. We are six on my mother’s side and I am the first.

I decided to be independent at the age of 12. My father was rich but I needed to make something good out of my life. I was born twins. At birth, I was told that I used my hand to block my twin brother’s nose and mouth and he died. They played Oracle and discovered that we came for the same purpose, therefore, one of us needed to go. I don’t take any decision without communing with him. He appears to me, to tell me what to do whenever there is a tough decision to make, but now, he has reincarnated in my last daughter.

I sold pure water and slept under the table for years to become somebody in life. I was able to gather about five shillings and I left for Uk in 1955. When I got there, I was welcomed as a prince, but I did not let that get into my head. I washed clothes for prostitutes to make money to enable me to pay my tuition at Cambridge University, now Oxford University. In my third year in Cambridge, studying medicine, I didn’t feel satisfied because, at that time, I see those whose ailments defy medical solutions. In my desire to get spiritual solutions to such ailments, I left Cambridge for Bombay University, India, where I studied Occult Science and gained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Occult Science.

In my quest for spiritual power, I was able to acquire 199 powers, but out of these powers, one is good and the rest are evil. The good one is associated with God and Christ Jesus. I was able to utilize my good powers to take good care of myself.  In the next twenty years, I will still look young and healthy the way I am now.

At what age did you start primary school?

I attended Jehovah Jireh Primary School, Agege, and proceeded to African Church Grammar School for my post-primary. In my time, those who attend school were not much. We were few in class. The teachers were more disciplined and dressed neatly, unlike these days when the reverse is the case

What was your experience like at Cambridge University?

I went there to study medicine. At one point, I discovered that studying medicine is not what I wanted, I had the desire to solve issues that defy orthodox medicine. When I see issues that the orthodox could not cure and I see pains in their eyes, I feel bad and the urge to help such persons is what moved me to study occult science.

In Bombay University, India. I had the opportunity to be tutored by Dr. Bombay himself and he adopted me as his son. I stayed in India for 17 years. I was going from one village to the other in India as a cab driver to meet up with my obligations.

There is no village in India that I don’t know, aside from driving a cab, I used to go for research, and I did the research for 10 years.

Tell us more about your 199 powers?

I can use any of the powers to get what I want. If you are a thief coming to my house to steal, you can’t go without being caught. No gun can penetrate me. If you try shooting at me, it would backfire.  I use my power to protect my children. Everyone in my house is protected. The powers, I acquired in life are used to destroy the evil force, tell you where you made mistake spiritually, and make people get solutions to their problems.

This is why I don’t look for trouble. Other powers are under my control except for the power of God. I only bow to Almighty God’s power, which is the good part of my power. Satan has 722 powers. Out of these powers possessed by Satan, I acquired 198 from it. If you are evil, I will put you where you belong. I don’t destroy with my powers. The marine world is different from witchcraft.

There are three types of witchcraft, which are black, red, and white. In the witchcraft world to which I belong, the black is for changing people’s destiny, the red is known for blood-sucking, and the white are solicitors. White witchcraft is few. Water has its power. Water has 17 powers.  Women are mainly connected to these powers. I don’t go to rivers because I know the power behind them. I don’t do rituals or worship idols.

I don’t bow down to any cross, because it is handmade. To worship human being is not biblical.  I only bow to the name of Jesus.

Please tell us more about your snake eyes.

My snake is an identity. It means you are adopted to a certain life. I am a Hindu by spiritual birth. My snake eye came when I was inducted into Hinduism, it shows where and what I belong.

How was the teaching and learning process like at that time?

It was more or less like the electronic method.  If you don’t want to go to school, you can listen to your teacher or lecturers via electronic devices.  Their lecture is just for three hours.  You can schedule your class to suit your time. The lecturers don’t need to be in the class with you all the time. It was stress-free.  It was not as difficult as it is in Nigeria thesedays. There was no examination malpractice. Education was so convenient and enjoyable.

What do you know about the marine world

I don’t take my clients to the river for bathing because I know the power behind it, rather I give them water to bath. Most of those spiritualists who take their clients to bath in the river don’t even know the powers they are serving or soliciting it’s help and most of the times, there sacrifices are not accepted.

What informed your travel abroad at a time when it was not the trend?

It was the curiosity to know where the white men were staying and the need to become somebody in life. Though I was supported by one late Dr. Otegbeye. Before I traveled.

On my journey to London, I met my blood brother from another mother who happened to be a pilot. He located me on the plane we boarded due to my name. He interrogated me about my background and I told him who I was. He was surprised and he said he was my brother but my father never cared for him because he was an Okanbi. So, he took me to his house in London. Though he hardly stays there, as he was always based in Nigeria due to his work. You know people were not much that do travel as at that time. There were only two planes then and the planes flies only twice a week. One has to book his or her flight and wait to be informed when the flight will be.

* As a Hindu, what powers are associated with it?

Hinduism is a religion in India; The worshippers, worship snakes. That is why they don’t kill snakes in India. The snake power is one of the powers, I acquired in India. My snake eye is a certificate, it certifies that I possess certain powers. It enables me to foresee any evil that is planned against me, and such evil plan can be reversed against the persons who planned it.

What is the secret behind your wearing shorts and slippers always?

My wearing shorts and slippers always remind me of what I went through since the age of 12. It is a way of staying humble and simple. It makes me to identify with people in the society easily.  When I see people hungry, I quickly come to their aid. I have two functional fuel stations, poultry, and a pure water factory, yet I stay humble. It is not as if I don’t wear other clothes occasionally. When I was struggling, nobody gave me a dime. Whatever I acquired today is by the grace of God. I was arrested in my struggling days for a crime I did not commit, but God saw me through. I have a pure water factory but I allow people to fetch water from it free of charge. Sometimes, if there is no power supply, I use diesel to pump water and still allow them to fetch free, because life is all about making people happy.

Why do people refer to you as a no nsense man?

I am the kind of person that does not like cheating. I don’t do what people like to do. I don’t spend anyhow.  I make money and save for the future. I have money to buy as many cars as I want, but I can’t drive two cars at the same time. I don’t look for trouble but when someone looks for my trouble, I don’t let the person get away with it, that is why people see me as a ‘no-nonsense person.

For instance, just recently, there is this land that I have been a tenant on for decades. Some unscrupulous elements wanted to sell of the land after they have succeeded in selling a very large portion of the land as the landlord of the place does not have the money to fight for his rights. When they tried to sell off the portion I rented and have been using for decades, I engaged the services of a lawyer whom I paid for his services. I was also the one who took care of the expenses of my landlord anytime he comes for the case.

That was how I spent a huge amount of money for the years the case lasted. At the end, we won the case in the court, but funny enough, this same lawyer whom I engaged his services, went behind my back to convince the owner of the land in question to sell of the land, and the worst part is that they planned to sell it and share the proceeds without even putting me in the picture. As we speak, I have taken the matter up. Someone cannot get on my nose and get balanced.

You are always condemning adultery, what is the spiritual implication of adultery?

The Bible condemns adultery. You cannot do well in life if you are committing adultery. It brings disappointment, delay, and even death. It is better to stay with a woman or man who is lazy than an adulterous spouse. The implication is that you can’t amount to anything in life. The people he or she is going out with will know you but you won’t know them. Those sleeping with one’s spouse can even poison one.

How will you compare the mode of dressing in those days and now?

People dressed more decently then than now. I don’t know if it’s the civilization that is making people dress anyhow. The Muslim faithful dress in befitting ways that make them earn respect and honor. You can’t see their women dress and expose their bodies and they are loyal and respectful.

What do you do when you find yourself in a difficult situation?

I don’t consult anybody. I fight it alone. What I do is think of a solution and it will come. Fighting it alone does not connote violence. If it comes in spiritual form, I follow it up spiritually and if it’s a legal matter, I have my lawyers.

People are always trooping in and out of your house, what is the secret?

Honestly, they enjoy my services and simplicity. People come to me because I give them solution to their problems.

Q Tell us about your sojourn in Ika land

It can be very interesting; I am now 52 years in Ika land. Ika is a peaceful land known for hospitality. Ika land has more good people than bad people. Abraka and Baleke roads were the two popular roads in Ika land at that time. The first house I entered was the house opposite Winners Hotel, before Union Bank, along Old Lagos/Asaba Road, Agbor. There was one Mrs. Olokor at Tete street, who sold roasted catfish where we used to relax. Then, I was staying at Ndu Lane. I was partnering with Dr. Emmanuel Ifeonye. He treated patients the Orthodox way, while I handle spiritual matters.

I could not travel to Lagos every weekend due to a large number of patients. I had to bring my family to Agbor.

What year were your installation the Ekwueme 1 of Akumazi?

It was 36 years ago. I enjoyed a robust relationship with kings in Ika land because of the work I do. I was more friendly with the Obi of Akumazi. I led a delegation to settle an issue between Akumazi and Obior. Before going, I gave the Obi my word that we would settle it. That was why he gave me the chieftaincy title, “

Q What is your take on the current political trend, talking about the 2023 presidential election?

Sincerely, with my age and experience, I will appeal to our youths not to go into violence. I see a lot of manipulation in the election results. Instead of violence, they should go to court.  Violence cannot do us any good. Let us seek legal means against the election results.

People in power are not ready to go. The turnout of the youth for the election was a surprise which shows the youths are tired of the usual crop of politicians. Those who are aggrieved should take legal action, and if the judiciary also fails, they should leave it for God because God have a way of settling issues.

Should Nigeria seek help from International Community?

Not really. Nigeria is an independent country and has its constitution. The International community cannot dictate what we should do, they can only advice, and it’s left for the leaders to take the advice or not.

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