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Apr 21, 2018

Owa-Alero born gospel artist and staunch supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Emeke Egwuanimkwu, also known as Ominimini, has recently during in chat with Ika Weekly reporter during the week described his suspension from his Ward 2, Owa-Alero as inhumane and a practice of politics of bitterness.

In Ominimini’,s words, “I have been suspended in my ward 2, Owa-Alero because of my support for Sebastine Okoh, the Executive Assistant to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on Event Management. My suspension clearly show that we are playing politics of bitterness even in the same political party of which we suppose to have love for one another. PDP forget to know that game of politics is by inclusion and not exclusion. My suspension however was announce during a meeting of the ward held fortnight ago by the chairman, Chief Josiah Ebeagwu who said that the directives came from Chief Godwin Ogadi, the Ika North East PDP chairman.

When I ask to know the reason for my suspension, Ebeagwu said in clear voice that it was because of my support for Sebastine Okoh that I was suspended. Many people who were present at the meeting protested over my suspension, saying that it was uncalled for. However, my suspension brought a huge sigh of relief for me because it also relieved me from seeing red to call it blue. My conscious now is at peace and I count no regret even as I see whatever happening as part of the sacrifices we the youth ought to pay to relieve us from practicing politics of oppression and save the future. Giving my support to Sebastine is the best thing that has ever happen to me.

Many people who have come across Sebastine keep talking good of him not because he gives them money but being ready to give them the needed assistance to making them self-reliant. Our so-called political leaders have failed to understand that what sustains a man’s personality is what comes from him or her and the good it has on the part of its followers. What made Sebastine a house name in Ika land in quick time of surfacing is his ability to affect lives no matter whatsoever it will cause him. He has taught many people on how to fish and not to steal from them at the long run which the so-called Ika political leaders do for their selfish gains.  I, Emeke Egwuanimkwu support the course of Ika youths for Sebastine to contest for house of reps, Ika Federal Constituency. It is course for all Ika youths elites and the right thinking Ika youths to champion”.

Mr. Egwuanimkwu, Ominimini stated that Ika youths are been marginalized politically, saying that their gains ends up in money and material gifts empowerment. He said he is pained haven accessed the setback these so called political leaders in Ika land have caused the youths. He puts, “upon the so-called empowerment, the poverty level among the youths is alarming. No jobs for the teaming graduates. Our involvement in politics is limited as no youth has been allowed to be voted in as member House of Assembly, reps or senate. Some youth who were given opportunity to be voted as councilors completed their tenure in office gaining nothing as their political leaders who help to become councilors were busy cutting their share of the allowances paid to them. This oppression is much. When job opportunities come they sell it to us. In my home town, men of 50 years and above occupy councillorship position and the funny aspect of it all is that they call themselves youth. Their representations have remained unproductive. The Ika youths are not carried along politically but we only become relevant during elections”.

Ominimini used the opportunity to appeal to Ika youths to continue to rally round Sebastine for he has their interest at heart and doing away all side talks. He explained further that it’s high time the Ika youths take their place in politics and say no to be used and dumped during election by the so-called leaders for their importance to be felt. While describing Sebastine as the people’s choice, Egwuanimkwu said he believes God that he going emerged victorious. Ominimini urged all Sebastine supporters to keep trusting in God that everything will work in their favour and not to pay attention to hear-say from weak politicians that ‘Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is against Sebastine’