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Jun 4, 2024


By Chucks Dominic Morsi

Life generally is a process. To attain sustainable progress in life, you must go through a process.  Many of us are allergic to poverty for instance, but it must have to take a difficult and sometimes painful process to get rid of it.  Anyways, that is a matter of choice to make. Life indeed is a choice. And whatever you do with it is purely a personal prerogative. In this life, many have made wrong choices while others have made right choices too.

However, the choice you make determine how far you can go in the journey of life. Nothing good in life comes easy neither does it come on a platter of gold. Give or take, success in life comes as a result of the little effort and push you put to it to achieve an end result. Life demands a lot from each and every one of us and you must also have to put demand on life.   The amount of demand you place on life, will surely help you to achieve more. For that reason, choose to love what you do. Those who are successful today whether in business or marriage or love life were able to follow the roadmap of yesterday and today, they are happy.

As a matter of fact, happiness is paramount to success. When you are happy doing what you know how best to do, seamlessly you will grow, based on the fact that you derive passion in what you are doing and so you can easily break even. How does it work? As a business person, anytime a customer comes your way, smile at that your customer, he/she will smile back at you. By that simple smile that you offer, they will make up their mind to come back again and do more business with you as a result of the pleasant smile.  Eventually that patronage from him/her will make you smile to the bank.


Secondly, courage is all you need to continue in life despite what life maybe throwing at you. Courage is important if we must change the narratives. Courage will help you to overlook the many times you had failed in life. In the middle of it all, success is all that matters. You need to inspire others to succeed and by that, you can live your live to the fullest. All that you are ready to gain should always be at the back of your mind anytime life tries to remind you that you have not done enough. Whatever you must have lost yesterday should be an open door for what you should gain today and sustained for tomorrow.

In life, you have so much to gain than to lose. It is a function of you putting in the extra needed attention and time. Go beyond mere suffice; dig deeper and you will discover that you have so much in you waiting to do exploit. John Maxwell said “success is by choice”. I think I have said it earlier that in life we all have choices.

For instance, making the choice of enjoying financial freedom, you must make the choice of either being a business owner or an investor (or both) making passive stream of income to change your poverty bottom-line. You can only break away from the circle of poverty by simply being able to see time and opportunity as two vital tools to create wealth. Someone, an anonymous puts it that being rich is having money but being wealthy is having time. If you neglect this simple thing called “time” you might miss opportunity which they say, comes but once. Just imagine if that one very important opportunity slips away and is gone, life can be terrible.

Take it away from the above story of motivation and let’s come back to the reality of life and love in relationships. That also is a matter of choice in which some find bliss and others find bitterness.

I remember in one of my previous articles, I did mention that love is not enough. The matter of love and intimacy becomes very crucial when we play by the rules. Most certainly, love alone is not enough when it functions without other supporting factors. Intimacy in a relationship underscore both romantic and compassionate love built on common interest. On that basis, what does it mean when love is not enough? Love won’t always be enough to keep two people together. Some people may want to move on to a new stage in their life, when they do not find fulfillment in a particular relationship.

Like we know, in life, change is one thing that is inevitable. People are ready to embrace change just to add value to their lives. People’s desires and expectations change, especially when they no longer feel comfortable or come to terms with situations that make them unhappy. Unhappiness is one of the common reasons why people take a break from love, work or any other things that takes their time because oftentimes, they discovered that other love is not enough without other elements that can make a relationship healthy. Love is not enough to save a relationship.

You may dwell in a euphoric state or fantasy when you are in love and everything else seems okay and fine. But to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to explore the following:  Communication in relationship is very important. Do things together. Work on yourself. Show appreciation. Be responsive. Say sorry when you are wrong. Be affectionate and make the relationship a priority. Develop shared interest and support one another – don’t do it alone.

Always maintain a deep emotional connection with your partner, make each other feel loved and special. Listen to each other and learn. Share each other’s positive and negative feelings to keep the environment open and you must be intentional about been honest. Set and respect boundaries. Put in more work if your relationship must work; remember that love is not enough, if we neglect the simple ways to make it work, life can ultimately become very terrible.

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