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Jan 25, 2018

Sequel to the second edition of the Ika Fitness Road Walk organised by Carvimial Fitness Centre, which took place recently, the commander, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Agbor, Anthony. C. Meta has described the initiative as the best event that has happened in Ika Land in recent time.

The fitness walk geared at reviving the walking culture and keeping fit was carried out between the hours of 6am to 9am along Old Lagos Asaba Road.


Speaking to an Ika Weekly Newspaper Reporter after the exercise, Mr. Meta said the exercise of physical fitness is paramount.

“By my own assessment, this exercise is the best thing that has happened in Ika Land, getting physically fit and healthy. We are inviting people to save their lives through this exercise organized by a private gym centre. Being a paramilitary agency, we need physical fitness, which is why we came out in our numbers to participate”.

Mr. Meta stated that the most important thing after godliness is fitness, hence the need to keep fit. He explained that keeping fit is in vogue in other cities and round the world, so the importance of exercises cannot be overemphasized.


He therefore urged all Ika People to embrace exercise, adding that a sound mind is found in a healthy body. In the same vein, Dr. Francis Nwabua, the Chief Medical Director, Central Hospital Agbor who participated in the exercise lauded Carvimial Fitness Centre, FRSC, NIFF and Ika Weekly Newspaper for organizing the event, saying that, “health is wealth”.

“In our everyday work, we perform better, when we are fit. The mind works faster and you look smarter when you are physically fit. Medically, when we increase the blood circulation in our system, it awakens blood circulation and keeps us alert against diseases and infections.

He further stated that the exercise, which takes place on a monthly basis is a welcome development, stressing that more enlightenment, should be carried out by Ika Weekly Newspaper and the organizers, in order to reach out to Ika People on the need to partner in such exercises, and to also register at the gym centre, to make use of various equipment which will be beneficial to them.

The exercise “Ika Fitness Walk” is free and open to all Ika residents to participate.

Speaking on the reason behind the initiative, the Director of Carvimial Finess Center, Dr. Mrs. C. Alordiah, said it was introduced to revamp the culture of walking which she said is gradually dying due to people’s consistent use of vehicles. “In recent times, people no longer trek or walk. Even when you choose to walk, other people will start mocking you, thinking that it’s due to your inability to purchase a car or board an Okada. When we were younger, we walked a lot, we did so many things with our hands, including grinding of pepper, washing of clothes, and going to the farm”.

“But in this generation, the reverse has been the case, we do not engage in activities that can exercise us anymore, especially with the advent of Okada. We eat, but we do not burn out fat, thereby storing them in our bodies, as problems to our health. That is why we deemed it fit to bring back the culture of walking,” she revealed.

BY Anita Aleh.

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