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Oct 16, 2023


* Group Accuses BEDC of Insincerity

* Affirms Ika People Tired of Epileptic Electricity Supply, Estimated Billings, Etc

By Nicholas Ebegboni

Members of Ika Landlords/Landladies Association, led by Mr. Vincent Arimokwu are warming up for battle as the group has put in place, machinery to take Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) to court in November 2023, after the expiration of the official notice given to the company and the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) at the end of October 2023.

Speaking on behalf of the association, Mr. Vincent Arimokwu the Chairman Ika Landlords and Landladies Association said the association will not continue to sit down and watch BEDC rip Ika people off.

Mr. Arimokwu while addressing newsmen during a meeting of the association held on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, at Anioma Hospital, Boji-Boji, Owa, Ika Northeast Local Government Area of Delta State said, ” Ika Landlords and Landladies Association is known for her meaningful and selfless roles towards the growth and development of Ika land on the issues of electricity and security.”

He said the association had earlier served a legal notice to BEDC requesting the company to within four weeks from the receipt of the legal notice, stop further estimated billings of all customers in Ika land, and supply pre-paid meters to electricity consumers, or face legal action.” but noted that BEDC has continued despite their warning.


He said among other demands made by the association is for BEDC to stop irregular electricity supply, stop illegal disconnection of consumers and carting away of their cables which the company did not provide, stop requesting for electricity consumers to buy or replace damaged electrical equipment, and to stop requesting for electricity consumers to buy electric poles, wires, hire ladders, pay for transportation and labour which are supposed to be their responsibility.

He started that BEDC even after receiving the notice, continued as if nothing could happen, while he disclosed that the association has made all arrangements to sue BEDC by November 2023, if the company refuses to change its modus operandi.

According to him, “Ika Landlords and Landladies Association have vowed that until these issues are addressed, BEDC should stop further disconnection of consumers in Ika Land, saying that the association is ready to take legal action against the company.”

Continuing, he revealed that for a longtime, the association has been toeing the part of dialogue, but said unfortunately, it seems like the company is not ready to change. He posited that the association can no longer sit and watch while BEDC continues to short-change consumers

The chairman stated that it is high time something is done about the ugly situation, describing the relationship between BEDC and consumers as that of a slave and master, adding that BEDC has continued to treat the people like slaves who have no rights at all.

He said the association is ready to abolish all nefarious activities of BEDC in Ika land as he urged Ika residents to report any such wrongdoings of BEDC to the appropriate authority for proper action.

He called on Ika residents to resist any BEDC official who tries to go beyond his bounds, saying that there are rules governing BEDC and consumers while encouraging Ika residents to try and know their rights

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