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Mar 18, 2018

As 2019 general election is fast approaching many indigenes of Ika South Local Government Area and I appealing to our brothers and sisters in Ika North East to be their brother’s keepers. That is to say that they should support Ika South to produce the next House of Representative member in Ika Federal Constituency come 2019. This will promote equity, fairness, peace, unity and justice.

Let us put sentiments aside and be by being our brother’s keeper. We are not going to force our brothers and sisters against their wish, but to appeal that they should support Ika South for the House of Representatives seat in 2019.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s re-election in 2019 is sure, Ika South no doubt will deliver 100%, P.D.P Leaders and members in the Local Government are working hard to ensure that governor Okowa get massive vote come 2019 gubernatorial election, because he has done well for the people of Ika South, especially in human Capital development and infrastructure. We thank our smart governor for the landmark achievement for we have never had it so good in the past.  We pray God to continue to bless him and give him the wisdom to lead the state to the promise land.

Our brothers and sisters from Ika North East should also be reminded that our great “EKWUEME” did promise during the 2015 election campaign at Ika National hall that in 2019, Ika South will produce the next House of Representative member for Ika Federal Constituency. He is a man of peace, equity and unity who at all times wants the growth of Ika Nation. Also the publisher of Ika Weekly newspaper, Mr. Steve Ashien, stated during his 70th birthday anniversary last year that governor Okowa will be celebrated if he unites Ika people.


This is indeed a great statement

Long Live governor Okowa

Long Live Ika Nation

Long Live P.D.P

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