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Members of the Security Stakeholders of Ika North East on recently held her meeting at the Divisional Police Headquarters, Owa-Oyibu.
The meeting was attended by several security personnel and representative from the various communities within the local government.
In an address presented at the meeting, the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Owa-Oyibu division, S.P Charles Iyamu, thanked Almighty God whom he acknowledged as the Chief Security of our lives and cities, saying, that he who is committed to security is committed to the work of God because God works through men. He appreciated all that came for the meeting which he noted was borne by their love for the well being of others rather than for themselves.
Speaking further, the DPO stated that Security procedures and measures are actualized by specific agencies such as the police, military, civil defense, road safety etc, noting that these are the formal organizations through which security issues and information are officially obtained, analyzed and exercised. However, beyond these security organizations, security is the concern of all.
He also informed the gathering that the Primary purpose of convening the meeting was for participants to deliberate on and come up with strategic measures to weed the grass of crime and criminality in our midst, especially during the ember months.
Responding to the address of the DPO, members of the Association of Landlords/Landladies through their spokesman, Vincent Arimokwu thanked the DPO for calling for the meeting. Areas of weakness observed by the association were; releasing of criminals caught by the police without proper trial or investigation, okada riders not properly and regularly searched, people being afraid to give information to the police because police will not act fast or immediately.
Speaking on the Army, the Landlord/Landladies Association noted that the Army initially were very active but are no longer active, they do not patrol round towns any longer.
Some stakeholders also informed the gathering that the loudspeaker and other equipment mounted by churches at night usually disturb the peace and sleep of the neigbourhood. They noted that it also contributes to security threat for people within the area.
It was also suggested that the police and Army should unite and co-operate with the security agencies like the Police Community Relations Committee and Vigilante.
The problem of cattle rearers (Fulani herdsmen), killing our people and cows destroying the crops were also made known to the Police and Army. They urged the police and the Army to take action immediately whenever issues of such were reported noting that people are afraid to give evidence or testify on matters which they now contend.
Responding to the observations of the Associations of Landlords/Ladies, the DPO, informed the gathering of some of the challenges bedeviling his Police Division, they are; the police vehicles don’t function regularly because they are in bad condition, the DPO’s office need to be renovated and the influence of politicians on matters brought before the police urging them to release the accused or criminals. Continuing, the DPO urged all to be security conscious as in the United Kingdom and America where everybody is a police officer.
On his part, the Army Commander promised that they will do their best to reduce the crime rate in Ika land and its environs.
While members of the Okada and Keke riders association said that 60% of the Okada in town are not from their registered members, emphasizing that some mechanics and artisans are Okada riders that carry passengers and sometimes join in criminal acts.
The DPO promised to be calling the security meeting on quarterly basis or as the need arises.

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