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Nov 19, 2017

The Ika South Landlords/Landladies Association led by its chairman, Mr. Vincent Arimokwu, recently held a peaceful protest against the decision of Ika South Local Government Council to lease out the popular Agbor government field at the College of Education junction, Agbor, to individuals to build a Shopping Mall and run for twenty-five years.
The aggrieved Ika South Landlords and Landladies were received at the council secretariat by the Deputy Director, Sir F.C Obianke.
The group speaking through its chairman, Mr. Vincent Arimokwu expressed dissatisfaction; saying, “We the members of Ika South Landlords/Landladies Association are unhappy following the decision taken by the immediate past chairman of Ika South Local Government Council, Hon. Fred Ofume to use the popular Agbor Government Field as a proposed site for Shopping Mall. For whatsoever, this action is wrong and untimely.
The Government Field, everyone will agree with us does not only serve as a recreation centre but also a rallying point in the town where major activities are held. In all, we would have not consented to it if the idea was made known to us, but better still, we would have suggested a different site. If the project is for real, we are not against building a shopping mall in Agbor. However, the site should be in a more reasonable location. In this regard, we are calling on the Head of Personnel Management (HPM) of the council, to order for the immediate removal of the sign post introducing the Agbor government field as the site for the proposed Shopping Mall as we will not allow it to happen. The usefulness of the Agbor government field cannot be overemphasized. We are also saying that our government reserved lands that are supposed to be used to execute people oriented projects should not be sold or leased out to individuals for personal gains, just like what has been done in the past, when the same council leased out our public abattoir to an individual for 99 years who later turned it into a donkey slaughter thereby preventing our people from using the slaughter anymore”.
The group while lamenting the shabby state of markets in Ika South Local Government Area, such as Baleke Market, CTC Market, Afia-Ogbemai Market, Abavo Market and a host of others that have been turned into refuse dump sites, thus forcing traders to start trading along the roads/streets, thereby risking their lives. We expected that the council should have paid attention to the maintenance of these existing markets which would have yielded them enough revenue if well managed, instead of the so- called shopping mall which will not yield them any revenue until after 25years, according to the council arrangement.
In his response, Sir Obianke stated that the decision to lease out Agbor Government Field as a site for the proposed shopping mall was reached after a meeting with Agbor stakeholders. He said that the site was well chosen as it is a strategic location that will enhance the business activities going on in the market.
In conclusion, Mr. Arimokwu thanked Sir Obianke for his reception and asked him to pass their message to the appropriate quarters, vowing that they will never relent in their protest against the decision of the Ika South Local Government to lease out the Agbor Government Field.

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